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Catch of the Day - 100 FREEBIE +$1 shipping - next at 6pm - 29 July

Posted By: Wally, posted 2010/07/29 17:17
100 of the same item to be givenaway as a Freebie at 5:30pm & 6pm AEST.

Hidden in one of our products is a special link to a FREE item (+ $1 PH)

Freebie so far have been:

COTD have said the giveaway at 6pm will be worth $50 approx

TIP!: To Speed UP Your purchase: keep refreshing cotd page 1 2 mins before 6 PM 7 PM and 8 PM. Then do a Search Ctrl + F for 0.0 > that auto selects the freebie in the page > Select/click the item > it will open a new page > then buy from there. Do not click Bite Me from the main page. It is very slow and has error.

To speed-up checkout - have your details, CC number,CC name etc typed in open Notepad, so you can copy paste into the page
Expiry date:2010/07/29
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