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Bandit.fm & Take40 - $10 credit/month for 4 months For Use With Bandit.fm

Posted By: spodosaurus, posted 2009/09/25 22:38
Take40.com is sponsoring a free credit offer at bandit.fm, a DRM free mp3 music business. You get $10 credit per month for four months. Follow the link below, or go directly to bandit.fm and sign up for an account at bandit and then once that's all confirmed sign in and click on your username to get to your details. Click on redeem voucher on the left menu and enter this code:

181 TAKE40

Offer is available to the first 5000 users.

EDIT: it says you have to register with credit card or paypal details, but I was able to click skip through this step and the credit was still applied. I'll update if there's an issue with redeeming the credit without details entered.

EDIT2: confirmed, you don't have to enter your CC or Paypal details, though I'm certain to be buying more from these folks as Amazon.com won't sell their MP3s to us here in Australia.
  • signuptesting2009/09/26 11:25:50

    I signed up for Bandit.fm in the morning went to redeem voucher code and it said 'This voucher cannot be redeemed from here. This voucher can only be redeemed by new users'. I am a new user since I signup in the morning.

  • stilted2009/09/26 12:42:15
    Same issue here

    You sign up and then you try to redeem the code and then it says

    This voucher cannot be redeemed from here.
    This voucher can only be redeemed by new users

    Maybe the code goes somewhere else ??

    Maybe under PrePaid?? - there appears the same voucher code feature ( but you need to have linked a PayPal or CC) for it to work ( im guessing!)
  • golfwidow2009/09/26 14:03:07
    Maybe the first 5000 members have already been used up?

    Ok this link on here didn't work but the exact same address worked when I clicked through Take40 so have changed the link so hopefully it works now. Seems this deal needs to have the voucher to start with to work.

    Please comment if you have tried it since I changed link and let me know if it works or not :)
  • admin2009/09/26 18:01:16
    Jumped straight from registration to payment method for me just then with no opportunity to enter a voucher.

    They need to work out how to make a website before they try to market a service would be my comment.
  • admin2009/09/26 18:04:48
    Now I get that crappy this voucher cannot be redeemed from here message. Pretty scammy on the part of bandit.
  • golfwidow2009/09/26 19:08:55
    I cant complete the process as I am already a member but when I click through it asks for the voucher code first up before I enter an details about me at all. Is everyone else getting this too? But then the credit is not being applied?
  • spodosaurus2009/09/26 21:54:18
    I went through, registered, applied the voucher - so did my wife. All smooth and I've already downloaded music. We registered by going to the bandit.fm home page and signing up. Then, after verifying our account, we went to the account details (by clicking on our user name in the upper right). From there we clicked on "voucher" on the left, entered 181-TAKE40 and the security code and away it went.

    EDIT: just tried it - looks like they either closed the loophole or the voucher has been used up. Has anyone gotten the error message when they've gone through from the take40.com link and registered with paypal/CC?
  • admin2009/09/26 22:55:28
    I tried to register with paypal off the deal link but got the error.
  • spodosaurus2009/09/26 23:52:51
    Because of the loophole I have a feeling people registered with multiple accounts and kept applying the code, so I imagine the 5000 places might have gone to only 1000 people.
  • spodosaurus2009/10/02 02:40:13
    Update: they closed the loophole. Any people that got in before they closed it might very well notice their credit has gone if they did not register with a CC or paypal account. All you have to do to have it restored is to register with a CC or paypal account and use their contact form to ask where your credit has gone and they'll restore it.

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