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AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Download FREE for 1yr limited time offer

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/12/27 04:23
Normally 25GBP you can now for a limited time download and use the product for 1yr free of charge.

I use the more limited free AVG anti virus programme and find it works real well, so this is a bonus freebee that you can use for 1yr and then skip back to the free more limited edition should you not wish to purchase.
Expiry date:2008/01/17
  • admin2007/12/28 10:32:48
    I like the idea - but when I went to the site I got this....

    We are experiencing severe disruption to our downloads server after this offer was leaked to other internet users. We're working to fix the problem

    :D - ah ha ... yep .... and of course they didnt want anyone to know about it.

    And then when I tried to download it ... (of course) ..... I got this -

    530 Server Offline - No new connections allowed.

    Can anyone tell me whether its better than zone alarm ?
  • sandgroper2007/12/28 11:07:24
    Its available until the 17th Jan so no rush, it will be hosted by everyone and his brother before then and the key for it is in the download. Expires Dec 1st 08 so plenty of time to try it out ;-)
  • scatman002007/12/28 17:46:31
    Speaking of being hosted by everyone and his brother.

    Here ya go, my personal upload of the exe.


    Serial automatically pops itself in the box for registration.

    39Mb file, + another 5Mb to update it with the latest definitions once installed.
  • sandgroper2007/12/28 18:11:03
    Thanks for that Scatman00, didnt think it would be long before someone hosted it
  • admin2007/12/28 20:50:35
    :D - ta scatman
  • scatman002007/12/28 21:27:18
    No Worries.... only 8993 more people need to download it to get me another month free. :p

    *"affiliate linking" the mods yell* ;)
  • admin2007/12/28 22:01:00
    :) - nah - in this case there's no monetary incentivisation and its a freebie anyway so any perceived bias as to its value as a deal isnt there.

    Otherwise we'd just have to cut your arms off :)

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