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6 FREE KRISPY KREMES! on election day (Nov25, sunday)

Posted By: triangel, posted 2007/11/01 01:56
Just register as a voter on krispy kreme and they will send you a voucher to your email.
Mine read "Thank-you for registering for 'The Sweetest Election in 07.'
We are pleased to provide to you this voucher to redeem in any of our Krispy Kreme stores on Sunday November 25 to receive up to 6 FREE Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts. "
  • Brad2007/11/01 18:19:34
    Thanks for the freebie triangel

    I think I'll be needing some free donuts after this election :eek:
  • Ghoti2007/11/01 20:57:57
    I voted hot. My sugar fix will be satiated on the 25th lol :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/01 21:05:09
    ?? We're still voting on Saturday 24th November aren't we? I assume that's what the Fish is laughing about, but maybe I am out of the secret "let's-change-polling-days-and-upset-the-apple-cart" club!
  • lisss2007/11/02 00:25:09
    Boo :( Bring Krispy Kreme to WA!!!!
  • Gallifrey2007/11/02 00:29:22
    hot vote from me too!!

    cool.... i will be in sydney that day so I can go eat the whole 6 of them ;-)

    (nor Krispy Kremes near my place, luckily!!)
  • admin2007/11/02 09:26:13
    :D - great find triangel

    I've voted and will have a voucher soon.... who wants an extra six coronary rings ??? I dont like em myself !
  • kearnsy2007/11/02 10:53:41
    Anyone want pick some up for me and post ;)

    MMMM gooey squashed doughnuts!
  • admin2007/11/02 11:13:11
    nah - these are Krispy Kreme kearnsy - they dont rot, squash, melt, digest or anything nasty like that..
  • scrypton2007/11/02 12:25:33
    Up to 6? What do they mean by up to?

    I guess they will give you more if you vote a certain someone? :)
  • enthusiast2007/11/02 17:48:29
    Boo :( Bring Krispy Kreme to WA!!!!

    Can you get them delivered to WA? That might be an option - see the website!
  • heremo2007/11/02 22:00:45
    You know they are not exactly free. You have to make a gold coin donation per donut. Thats what they mean by "up to 6 donuts".
  • Brad2007/11/02 23:11:58
    Thanks for the extra details heremo, and welcome to Buckscoop!!
  • Gallifrey2007/11/03 18:24:56
    oh $1 per donut, I am always so eager to grab a bargain or freebie I never read things properly!!
  • admin2007/11/03 19:46:31
    neither do I gallifrey - I did register that there was something about a gold coin donation but I thought it was optional.

    Let me go check.

    Thanks and welcome heremo - ta.
  • admin2007/11/03 19:49:33
    hmmm - not sure if its obligatory to make a donation but in any case the salvo's are a good cause. The wording is - "Krispy Kreme will invite voters".
  • holdenmg2007/11/04 14:08:22
    [LEFT]Liberals are happy to buy donuts from yesterday, in fact they prefer it that way and they often ask for yesterday's donuts that are past their use by date. Otherwise they prefer donuts made from a recipe that hasn't been reviewed for years. The election special order donut is "all hole and no donut" but is always popular because of the slick marketing campaign. They pay with cash (or ration cards) because credit is the root of all (Labor) evil. While waiting for their order they always check the staff AWA's are in force and only ever come in when an election is on. Despite promises of keeping donut prices low, donut prices have risen.

    Labor demand fresh, new, new, new improved donuts, and they always want the latest release recipe even if it is untried or untested by the tasters. Previous scandals involving the "Banana Republic" donut and copied recipes have been brushed aside. Labor often want to just take the existing recipe and tweak it a little, then rename it and relaunch it as the new improved Kev '07 donut which is rumored to be a Jam Donut (pre-election), but after the election customers will bite into it to find the jam is an optional extra. Labor will offer cheaper donuts through using less yeast, because despite what they promise the donuts will rise.

    The Greens are a pain because they want a bio-dynamically engineered donut (baked in a solar oven) which has been made without animal products and the boxes must be made without pulp mill involvement or harm to trees or animals, so go long on phone book recycling.
    There will be press conferences on the hour to announce the current donut flavour trends and a senate inquiry into the untried and potentially hazardous eucalypt donut and the merits of the more environmentally friendly wattle seed donuts.

    The Democrats first thought they just wanted a plain donut and then they claimed the ordering process was unfair, but vowed if re-elected they would try and keep the other people in the queue honest. Then they sent their order off to a select committee and it came back dead logged resulting in them ordering one of every donut and squabbling over the fairness and equity of having G.S.T. on a staple food item before they finally made a commitment to make more donuts accessible by working with whoever won.

    One Nation are divided over their donut policy but require all the product and labour be sourced locally. The traditionalists want it to be the lamington donut, the radicals want a pavlova donut and the purists want a donut with a Australian flag on the icing.
    Export of the donut will be prohibited.
    An extreme faction appear to be supporting the eucalypt donut.

    The National Party understand the Liberal donut policy but will go with the Pumpkin Scone donut recipe policy that has served them well. The donut will only be available in Queensland. There will be a donut exchange post at the border and passport checks to let people in (but not out) of Queensland.

    The Family First donut will ensure more families get more donuts according to the number of children in each family unit.
    Special donut multipacks deals will be made available to church fetes, particularly at Christmas and Easter.
    They are hurrying to develop a Christmas Cake donut prior to the election but rumors and controversy surround the merits of an
    Easter Egg donut in top secret development.[/LEFT]
  • nod2007/11/04 19:37:28
    That is fantastic :D
    Never thought anyone could sum up the political parties based on donuts but not only is it accurate but very funny

    I nearly forgot to say
    [B]Welcome to Buckscoop [COLOR="Red"]Heremo[/COLOR][/B]
  • admin2007/11/04 20:43:10
    I'm tempted to send you a packet of jelly babies holdenmg, just because thats such a sterling effort. Very very witty.
  • julion2007/11/08 15:18:30
    In case anyone cant be bothered voting, or don't want to give out thier email to krispyk


    i wonder if they will enforce the gold coin donation thing, its a good cause though

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