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5 Free Dermalogica Samples - Choose Your Products!

Posted By: lisss, posted 2011/09/21 18:48
Hi Everyone.
Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica - The response has been overwhelming!

I just wanted to confirm a couple of things before you order at gloskinbody.com.au:
Yes we offer samples for people to try Dermalogica, the #1 skincare system.

We cover postage, packaging and sample costs for genuine people that wish to try Dermalogica

We have a "Fair Go" policy - whereby we will send up to 5 samples per customer.

If you have ordered more than 5 samples, we will ask you to re-order as per our "Fair Go".

FREE SAMPLES (max 5 per order):

C12 Concentrate - http://gloskinbody.com.au/c-12-concentrate-sample.html

Skin smoothing cream - http://gloskinbody.com.au/sample-skin-smoothing-cream.html

Extra rich faceblock - http://gloskinbody.com.au/extra-rich-faceblock-spf30-sample.html

Multivit bodyblock - http://gloskinbody.com.au/multivitamin-bodyblock-spf20-sample.html

Dermal clay cleanser - http://gloskinbody.com.au/dermal-clay-cleanser-500-ml-344.html

Skin hydrating booster - http://gloskinbody.com.au/sample-skin-hydrating-booster.html

Skin renewal booster - http://gloskinbody.com.au/skin-renewal-booster-sample.html

Extra firming booster - http://gloskinbody.com.au/sample-extra-firming-booster.html

Gentle soothing booster - http://gloskinbody.com.au/sample-gentle-soothing-booster.html

Super sensitive facevlock - http://gloskinbody.com.au/super-sensitive-faceblock-spf30-sample.html

Ultra sensitive faceblock - http://gloskinbody.com.au/ultra-sensitive-faceblock-spf25-sample.html

There are more on the website but they seem to have been hidden from the search- let us know if you find them:)

There are
  • ljordan192011/09/22 15:32:42
    link not working :-(
  • lisss2011/09/23 18:55:30
    link not working :-(

    The C12 concentrate sample link has stopped working for some reason - I tried the next sample down the list and that works, so I don't think the offer has finished.
  • ravenclan2011/10/20 22:10:21
    Just tried to order a couple and it said they couldnt be shipped as there was no payment arrangement. Looked at the FAQ and saw this message
    "Please note : Due to exceptional demand we have had to suspend free sample postage. You can still add samples to an order with another paid product."

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