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30 Days of Bigpond Movies & $10 Catch of the Day voucher for free

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/05/05 13:39
1. Be a Catch of the Day newsletter subscriber (just sign up at http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/ if you aren't)
2. Go to http://dvd.bigpondmovies.com/promotions/catchoftheday?a=25901 and sign up to BigPond movies & make sure you use the same email address as used with catch of the day

Membership is obligation free - can cancel before the month end and pay nothing.

# Credit card required
# Max 3 DVDs at a time
# One free trial per household
# Charges apply after free trial unless subscription is cancelled and all DVDs returned
# $10 gift voucher will be e-mailed out within 14 days of the promotion
# Gift voucher may only be claimed when using the special CatchOfTheDay/Bigpond link which is as follows: http://dvd.bigpondmovies.com/promotions/catchoftheday?a=25901

expired as at 31/8/10
- krazywon
  • ninkasi2010/05/06 09:39:12
    I used to be a Bigpond Movies subscriber and it was pretty good.... definitely rated the huge selection of movies plus the convenience of having the movies delivered and no return/late fees. Didn't have to worry about dropping by the video place the following day to return a disc etc... just popped the disk back into the carboard envelope and dropped it into a letterbox when finished with it.

    My only issues I had with the system were 1) a couple of times a DVD didn't turn up but they claimed they'd sent it, 2) a couple of times they sent me the wrong disk (eg the "extras" disk rather than the main feature, and 3) some movies (eg very latest releases) may be hard to get for a while as they are so popular.

    With issue 1) I wasn't charged (I expect they allow for a certain amount of loss in the mail.)
    With issue 2) I emailied them and they gave me free credit for another disk and/or sent out the right copy
    With issue 3) I just accepted the fact that if I *really, REALLY* wanted to watch a specific latest release movie one weekend then I'd get that from the local shop instead.

    I was on a pretty decent plan as a bigpond internet subscriber - 4 discs for $10 per month. So $2.50 per disc, price including shipping both ways. DVD or Blu-Ray. I expect that you would still get a discount if you are also a bigpond internet user, but I don't think my plan would be available now.

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