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2 Free (REAL!) Printed & Posted Personalised Cards! - Offer now Buy one Get one Free

Posted By: jonas, posted 2010/05/01 21:34
yellowpostie.com.au is giving away two free cards printed & posted.

Simply use PROMO2 code, when you check out.

Perfect timing for mothers day!

Their facebook page can be found at:

I just wanted to add to the original description that this is an offer that is part of the YellowPostie launch and theyre offering not 1 but 2 FREE personalised real greeting cards - not those silly e-cards - perfect timing for Mothers Day!

Why 2? Well many couples are going to have 2 mothers who are going to need to feel some lurve on Mothers Day!

Furthermore, the cards are DELIVERED. Closing date to ensure you Mums receive their cards is 3pm Tuesday.

And the fact you didnt pay for their cardswell your secret is safe with YellowPostie.

As part of this offer, please leave some feedback below on your YellowPostie experience to help the guys out with their website launch. And spread the YellowPostie word!!!
- OzJeepGrl

Firstly I am happy for members to post legitimate feedback but any spam will be removed from the forum

Secondly, looks like Yellow postie has had a few too many freebies to hand out and have understandably altered the offer to buy on get one free. They kindly contacted us to let us know
Now use the code: TWO4ONE
Valid for the month of May 2010 (Golfwidow)
-------- Nod
Expiry date:2010/05/31
  • stevehl2010/05/03 00:58:47
    Thanks for the posting - this is a fantasic idea. Worth giving a try - afterall, its free!
  • OzJeepGrl2010/05/03 11:42:07
    Don't forget guys to leave some feedback or email info@yellowpostie.com.au with any ideas/suggestions/issues you experience. This 2 FREE CARDS DELIVERED offer is part of their website launch, and perfect time for Mother's Day! Spread the YellowPostie word!
  • melscott282010/05/03 13:08:14
    I love it. So much easier than dragging the kids to the shop to pick a card. Cost is good too.
  • nod2010/05/05 22:19:19
    Thanks Vipulrm
    Yellow Postie contacted us so the OP has been updated

    New code TWO4ONE
  • melscott282010/05/08 21:43:24
    I ordered 2 cards a day before the cut off date for mothers day to go to perth but they havnt arrived in time
  • Gallifrey2010/05/11 11:47:44
    I received my Mother's Day card that my daughter made on Yellowpostie.

    It arrived in time and it was fabulous, she added pics of the 2 of us on the inside and had special text too. The front cover was a piece of artwork she added and it was such a lovely card and the envelope they send it in is interesting too!

    Thanks for this as it was great. Going onto site now to buy some myself!
  • Gallifrey2010/05/11 12:00:38

    The new code of: TWO4ONE

    is valid for the month of May!
  • melscott282010/05/11 14:17:57
    My Partners mum got hers yesterday and thought i had hand written it. My mum still hasnt received hers.
  • vipulrm2010/05/11 20:24:42
    I got mine delivered yesterday and they look fabulous!
  • golfwidow2010/05/12 20:04:06

    The new code of: TWO4ONE

    is valid for the month of May!

    Thanks Gallifrey. Have unexpired and updated OP :)

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