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10 FREE Smoothing & Exfoliating Pads (Worth $21.99) From Cleo

Posted By: taskel, posted 2010/02/17 11:45
Cleo are giving away a sample pack of 10 Smoothing & Exfoliating pads valued at $21.99

******The code word it asks for is 'Liquid Gold' ********

"Thanks! Your Liquid Gold Power Peeling Pads will be sent out shortly."
  • taskel2010/02/17 11:45:40
  • MamaK2010/02/17 12:54:38
    Thanks Taskel :)

    What do you put as subject?
  • melscott282010/02/17 14:37:16
    i just put the name of the product :o

    Hot freebie!
  • ljordan192010/02/17 15:18:05
    Great freebie! Hope it comes! :)
  • fairybelle2010/02/17 21:14:47
    States for Cleo readers only...

    They are going to think a LOT of people are reading CLEO!
  • melscott282010/02/18 16:29:16
    This was emailed to me:
    In order for us to provide you with your free gift please send in page 212 of the CLEO Alpha-H offer (found in CLEO March 2010). This will complete your requested coupon and deem to be eligible to receive the free gift.
    Upon receiving your page (originals only) we will then send out your free Alpha-H gift.

  • kazyazy2010/02/18 20:00:25
    They must have noticed the freebie code got a bit too popular all of a sudden. I haven't had an email yet but it would suck if you really did buy cleo and now you have to go to the trouble of sending the page in
  • taskel2010/02/19 12:18:40
    I haven't got an email yet either, maybe they've sent out the first batch of requests and as kazy said it probably got too popular... :(
  • kazyazy2010/02/19 15:33:04
    I just got the email...bugger
  • Gay2010/02/19 20:55:53
    I applied for this a couple of days ago and received an email back today - they said to qualify you MUST have an original page of the current issue of Cleo and send it in. I guess I didn't read that bit whilst reading about the deal. Oh well!
  • ljordan192010/02/20 09:56:07
    I got the email too! :mad:
  • dandan2010/02/20 11:19:35
    me too... :(
  • taskel2010/02/20 15:24:02
    Does any1 buy Cleo? I'd love to find out if they were any good or not after all this! :p
  • melscott282010/02/20 15:25:05
    do we expire this and put under deal now purchase is required?

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