Winebox warehouse 11 Katnook Estate Cab Sauv 2005 + 1 Prodigy Shiraz 2005 $296.89

9 November 2010

This is a good buy. Winebox Warehouse have a deal on at the moment where if you buy 11 bottles of Katnook (I've used the Cab Sav as an example) the 12th bottle you can get is Katnook Prodigy Shiraz 2005 which is currently selling for about $76 a bottle.

The Cab Sav was originally out at $40 a bottle but is now selling elsewhere at the knock out wine merchants for about $29.99 a bottle.

Delivery is free....

Good deal if you ask me.


  • Kensington
    Good find Donkey!
  • admin EDITOR
    Not bad value huh..... wonder whether the prodigy is sublime.

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