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Xbox 360 Pro + Halo 3 @ Mwave $659

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/09/26 21:39
The price on this from Mwave is a little bit better than market - about $10 but the free shipping swings it for me so I've posted it as a deal.

The price on individual components is: Pro Pack $579 up. Halo 3 $90.

Shipping would cost you in the region $10 upwards depending on location and merchant - so all in all you end up about $30 - $40 ahead of what you'd otherwise be paying for the same bundle bought individually or elsewhere.

Only thing - its a limited time deal so if your serious about it you might want to be quick.
Expiry date:2007/09/27
  • wheadle2007/09/27 12:58:18
    Xbox pro at DSE
    $539 when I click through now but you need to get halo 3 which you can get for around $90 as you say
  • nod2007/09/27 13:07:12
    Look like there are quite a few deals availbale at the moment.
    You can still get the Xbox 360 pro for $529 at DSE but no games
  • admin2007/09/27 13:07:33
    yea - I was just looking at that wheadle.
  • admin2007/09/27 13:10:34
    :D the DSE deal and the Hardly Normals one that Brad posted render this Mwave one crap - so I guess I'll be expiring it and licking my wounds......
  • wheadle2007/09/27 13:52:43
    better to post than not post at all. wise old saying, [modified of course for these modern times ;) ] from my old gran

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