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Woolworths/Safeway - Buy 30 cans Coca-Cola & receive 18 free cans Kirk softdrink free

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/03/14 00:19
Buy a take me home pack of 30 375ml cans of Coca-Cola at Safeway this week for $22.98 and get one 18 pack of 375ml Kirks softdrink cans for free. Various varieties of Kirks to choose from.

A saving of $11.39. Perfect for this run of hot weather!
Expiry date:2008/03/16
  • nod2008/03/14 21:19:59
    I will give you a hot vote for that - thanks Kiwi :)
  • nod2008/03/14 21:43:42
    Was just thinking that this may be restricted to certain stores :( or states
    Any ideas Kiwi?
  • lilpretzel2008/03/14 21:53:29
    I for one knows this is at my woolies in Brisbane but sadly the choccie deal wasn't :(
  • mikepspencer2008/03/15 15:00:36
    I'm in WA and it was available. Picked up some cans today
  • nod2008/03/15 19:12:36
    Ah cool - thanks guys - looks like it might be around in a few states at least :)
  • scatman002008/03/15 20:01:11
    Seen this advertised in SA. However, thought it was average priced. I never pay more than 50c per can when buying in bulk. Meaning the kirks still cost me $8, which is an okay price but nothing special. ( i get in trouble for cold votes, so will refrain from voting on this :p )
  • bigal2008/03/15 21:16:47
    I'm with scatman00 on this, I too will not buy coke unless its less than $0.50 per can. I saw this the other day and the missus wanted to get it and in my mind it didnt work out cheaper... I didnt actually work out how much it is but just didnt sound like a great buy.
  • carmine2008/03/16 10:29:01
    It would have been hot if the free drinks were coca cola brand as well. Kirks has and is always a lot cheaper. Definitely not worth $11+ as they say.
  • andrewr2008/03/16 22:46:58
    I think the days of 50c cokes are gone. Last few months its been very hard to get em for under 60c. A few months ago 42c was obtainable.
    Pepsi, scwheppes etc are still under 40c if u look around. Kirks should be under that price.
  • carmine2008/03/23 00:11:08
    This offer was still available when I was in Woolies today. Maybe it might be a regular thing?

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