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Woolworths Online- Free delivery for 1st order SA

Posted By: deking777, posted 2010/06/10 18:21
Woolworths have opened their online shopping in SA

It says free delivery on 1st order, not sure if this applies to other states also?

I have just put my first order in, will have to see how it compares to Coles online.
  • mouldgirl2010/06/10 23:56:49
    So glad they have started home delivery. I luv it! Reduces my impulse buying
  • Rebekah762010/06/11 08:55:21
    woohoo! have been waiting for them to come to SA - on their mailing list, but they haven't sent me an email yet - good marketing!
  • deking7772010/06/11 10:22:46
    i was on their mailing list too but never got notified, it was only by chance that I checked on their website.

    definitely agree, helps keep my shopping bill down, although I like a lot of woolies in house bread and fresh rolls and things like that, I found their site a little harder to navigate to find what I wanted compared to the coles one.
  • Rebekah762010/06/13 00:01:59
    I agree, their website wasn't as easy to navigate as the Coles one. and the "specials' page didn't have anything on it

    FYI - Coles is having free delivery in Adelaide from 7 June to 10 July to celebrate a year of deliveries.

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