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Wireless 1 - Iomega 320GB Portable USB Hard Drive - $79 & Free Shipping

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Posted By: taskel, posted 2009/12/01 11:41
This looks pretty good to me, shows up nearly $30 cheaper than other stores when I do a quick comparison.

I've been meaning to get some external storage for a while now so I think I'll go for this one, it looks quite compact and doesn't need any external power etc.

The promo is only running for 48 hours, looks like the price will shoot back up to $150 after.
  • kickling2009/12/01 12:09:34
    Taskel, the sale says it's $99 ... is the 48 hour sale not currently on?
  • taskel2009/12/01 12:22:20
    This is so weird, I just checked there, and it did say $99, but I knew it said $79 when I posted, so I checked again and it says $79 again....seriously!


  • fishmonkey2009/12/01 13:54:17
    nice looking aluminium enclosure for the price, looks like it comes with a USB Y-cable too (in case the power from a single USB isn't sufficient)...

    no mention of warranty on their site though...
  • kickling2009/12/01 14:28:27
    I just checked again and it's still showing the Promo price as $99 ... I even signed up as a member to see the member price and the price still doesn't change!
  • golfwidow2009/12/01 15:07:54
    I am getting $99 too. It says nothing about a 48 hour sale when I click through.
  • taskel2009/12/01 15:27:34
    Yeah it is showing as $99 for me now too, something's up! I swear it was $79...!
  • kickling2009/12/01 15:33:57
    Yeah, maybe the 48 hours is over?

    not too bad for $79, although my brother picked up a WD My Passport Essentials (faster read/write speeds but not in a metal casing) for $79 too a few months ago (Officeworks have them now at $99).
  • Donkey2009/12/01 21:02:15
    Now sold out. Had me confused for a minute with the use of 'wireless'. Had me thinking that it was a wireless drive.

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