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Wiggles Week at Target

Posted By: Troy1, posted 2007/09/11 19:17
Just saw the range of Wiggles gear going on sale from tomorrow (13th Sep) at Target.

Of particularly good value (in my view) is the DVDs at $12.99 and the Wiggles T-Shirts at $14.99 (about half of what I paid at their recent concert!)
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  • ScarletRubies2007/09/12 14:34:32
    My 3 yo is keen on Wiggles, and it's nice to be able to "buy Australian" in terms of supporting local artists. That said, I'm very sensitive to buying anything at all coming out China with the recent problems with formaldehyde (in clothing etc) and lead in painted toys. I still vote hot - but reckon we need to be careful label readers, especially with kids gear!
  • nod2007/09/12 15:58:14
    Thanks Troy1
    and [COLOR="Red"]Welcome to Buckscoop[/COLOR]
    Kids really are obsessed with the Wiggles. Can't see the attraction really :D
    But they do have some pretty good priced merchandise. I will tells my sis's!
  • nod2007/09/12 16:01:50

  • nod2007/09/12 16:04:26


    I do think the Wiggles talk and sing dolls are a bit scarey looking :D
  • admin2007/09/12 17:15:42
    thanks troy1 - I still dont quite get the wiggles. I've tried watching them but they just dont make any sense to me :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/12 18:47:30
    Oh, so much more sense than Teletubbies. Or Boohbah. And they are more appropriately dressed (IMO) than Hi 5 (for the toddler crowd).

    My gosh... I sound like a Wiggles nut. I'm not really. I like Play School. ;)
  • admin2007/09/12 18:58:45
    there's huge market in sounding like the wiggles ruby.

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