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Why we dont let merchants post deals, coupons or sales direct to the forum at Buckscoop

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2008/11/05 17:04
Am just going to trundle my soapbox out again for a brief second - its getting dusty.

Its not a condemnation, but as a merchant your pretty unlikely to place objectivity over profit. We see this every day in display ads that scream to us that 'X product is incredible value' or 'X sale is the cheapest you'll ever find' blah blah.

Buckscoop is a consumer refuge where objectivity is an absolute, not a rubbery thing. The only deals, sales, coupons, freebies allowed are ones posted by people (the Buckscoop clan) who have no vested interest in the subject. By strictly enforcing this, it upholds the site as a platform where you can trust that the content comes from actual consumers making an objective assessment on products, merchants, sales, etc.

Our ethical stance at Buckscoop isn't particularly popular with merchants and we don't get any covert backhanders coming our way, but as far as all of us who are involved in running the site are concerned, its far more rewarding that we are able to be completely trustworthy, transparent and objective.

Having said all of this, we are happy for merchant reps to post on relevant threads, so long as its useful information, you identify yourself as a rep, it adds to the body of content and it isn't self promotion. We also have a facility where you can email your deals to us so we can check them out but yes, we will look at them closely and apply our measure of assessment as to whether its a good deal or not. Those that aren't will fall off into the 'nope' bin, those that are will be posted.
  • nod2008/11/05 17:06:44
    Lets hope the merchants start to read this :D
  • admin2008/11/05 17:07:52
    Can people please put a vote on here so that we can make sure this gets out to the RSS feeders to read.

    We'd also love as much feedback as anyone cares to give, good or bad.
  • golfwidow2008/11/05 17:16:07
    I support your soapbox speech whole heartedly. I suggest this is maybe made a sticky? I like the fact this place is for us the consumer. Makes shopping a lot less stressful :)
  • ndro7772008/11/05 17:44:24
    hear hear!
  • lilpretzel2008/11/05 18:00:47
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=3][COLOR=Indigo]Right On Admin!

    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=3][COLOR=Indigo] Hopefully they will start to listen![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=3][COLOR=Indigo][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • bluntman2008/11/05 18:09:27
    I would like to "ad" my "2 cents" that buckscoop is a "worth"while cause.
  • AussieMarkMelb2008/11/06 10:22:28
    Hi Guys,

    I am actually about to become a merchant woohooooo. Would love to hear buckscoopers thoughts on my product and give feedback.

    I designed a kids clothing product and have just had it manufactured. The photo shoot is in about a week so I will post a photo or two after that =).

    Then I just need to get my website up and running. Of course Buckscoopers would be the very first to see it. Would this be okay?
  • nod2008/11/06 10:35:45
    Congrats on your new venture and good luck

    Hard call AussiemarkMelb as popping a link up on the site is a form of self promotion
    I know this sounds like us being harsh but if we keep one clear rule then it is easier to manage.
    If once your site is up and running you have a promotional offer then let us know via the contact us link and we can take a look at posting it up for you

  • AussieMarkMelb2008/11/06 10:37:46
    Oh, my apologies for not being clear. I meant just a upload photo of the product through ibucket / flickr, simply to get feedback on the product itself from buckscoopers and it would be posted in the forum. Is that okay?

    I will bear in mind the info about the promotional offer thanks. I was thinking about that also.
  • lilpretzel2008/11/06 20:32:47
    Again my time is wasted on spamming deals posted by owners, Come on please READ THE RULES!!!
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 23:20:14
    Sticky? :)
  • lilpretzel2008/11/06 23:42:01
    nod or donkey will have to do it QS, I can't in this thread.

  • nod2008/11/07 01:13:34
    not sure it will make any difference :D
    I think we have enough info around the place already :D
  • lilpretzel2008/11/07 19:00:26
  • AussieMarkMelb2008/11/07 19:16:41
    hehe any thoughts on my updated post on page 1?
  • queenshrew2008/11/07 19:40:26
    If I'm a merchant I would be running away as soon as I see lilPretzel :innocent: hehehe
  • lilpretzel2008/11/07 20:52:14
    [COLOR=Navy]That's the problem QS some don't, even after my very polite PM which details our policy on Merchants posting and that they're to contact Admin some totally ignore the request :mad:

    Buckscoop does have a pretty good system in place to detect SPAM so if you try again or join up as a new member eventually you will be caught out!

    By doing the right thing by Buckscoop we are more than willing to checkout what you have to offer our members, I [/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]don't [/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]always bite BUT I would watch that donkey :D

    THANK YOU to all the merchants that have followed our guidelines it's very much appreciated![/COLOR]
  • lilpretzel2009/01/03 11:48:13
    Time to bump this! :spiteful:
  • lilpretzel2009/01/22 16:33:50
    Time to bring this to the top again as we have had quite a few spammers lately :rolleyes:

    Please if your a merchant, follow Buckscoops rule and contact Admin with your deals :)
  • nod2009/01/22 20:09:08
    hehe any thoughts on my updated post on page 1?

    I completely missed that :o ... sorry ....
  • lilpretzel2009/04/17 20:17:42
    Time to bring this matter to attention again ;)

    I would like to thank the merchants whom have been contacting Admin regarding their deal offers, this is greatly appreciated.

  • golfwidow2009/06/05 20:10:57
    Just another bump. Cause I can :D
  • nod2009/06/12 18:17:07
    I think the important thing to point out here is the when we designed and started Buckscoop, the whole purpose of the site was to be a reference point for the average consumer. A place where they could find deals and discounts that were free from the spammy advertising rubbish that you find everywhere on the net.
    We don't run ad's, we don't charge merchants to appear on the site and we certainly don't allow merchants to post deals or offers up in the forum. That is merchants of large multinational corporations or the small business that operates down the road. One simple rule that we ask ALL merchants to respect.

    If as a merchant you do have an offer that you think may be of interest to our members then we ask you to contact us so that we can then assess if the deal is indeed something we wish to have on our board.

    Buckscoop is a forum for the consumer and Admin reserves the right to remove any posts they believe to be self promotion.
  • golfwidow2009/06/12 19:15:24
    Here, here :D
  • lilpretzel2009/06/12 20:01:28

  • lilpretzel2009/07/20 13:40:08
    This needs bumping again.

    Please read and follow the instructions given, Thank you!
  • voteoften2009/07/20 19:20:28
    I couldn't believe that cheap ass lawyer trying to spam his services!
  • admin2009/07/20 19:31:16
    :D - desperado..... I bet he's quality.
  • golfwidow2009/07/20 19:38:08
    I am amazed that people will post and then post and then post again. It's a pretty complicated concept to understand if it is removed the first time, it will the next and the next! :rolleyes:
  • lilpretzel2009/07/20 20:05:33
    I'm amazed at how many ignore your pm'd explaining why the post/posts were removed than given instructions on how to contact Admin regarding their offers... Why try and post again and again :rolleyes:
  • lilpretzel2009/08/31 17:35:37
    Time to bump this again! :spiteful:

  • ozdunker2009/08/31 23:30:30
    dont worry some of them do, i have seen a couple
  • lilpretzel2010/06/02 07:24:08
    Time to bring this matter to attention again ;)

    I would like to thank the merchants whom have been contacting Admin regarding their deal offers, this is greatly appreciated.

  • auscourier2010/06/08 18:10:10
    I was recommended by a friend to come here to post deal, unfortunately I am fall in the merchants category, I did contact the admin via the form regarding posting a deal and yet no response at the moment... (responses seem taking too long) this is really discouraging for merchant... if any one care for this site you should reconsider open up to merchants, some spam however some do offer very good deals and that what people come here for... ozbargain doing a great job... too many restriction will put people off... and mark my words, in the next 5 years everyone would know ozbargain and who would know buckscoop? remember how Australia close up trade with other countries? did we get any better? if you like your way of life here at buckscoop just ignore my advice... I am new here, I have little care for this site... and I may not come back... but my words are true... regards auscourier
  • Donkey2010/06/08 19:09:57
    Thanks auscourier.

    Lets dissect your post.

    Our restriction on merchants boils down to an issue of courtesy. You use this site you abide by our requests. That one request in respect of merchants is pretty simple. If you think you have something our members may be interested in you use the contact us link to let us know, we check it out and if its truly a good deal we post it on your behalf. No rocket science there. Unfortunately its pretty typical for someone who has a vested interest in a product and a sale to think its an awesome deal - just as you seem to be claiming.

    Now lets look at your deal.

    Your post, which got spammed was for a Oral-B Braun 950TX Advance Electric Toothbrush - 'advertised' for $23. This on the face of it would seem to be a good price. But of course theres a catch. You might be able to get it at that price but whoever wants to buy it needs to go through your listing on goobid.net. Also to buy it you'll need to ship it to me unless I live in Fitzroy and can pick it up. Your shipping charge is $9 taking the price up to $32. At $32 the product is no longer a good price. A quick bit of market research shows that I can probably pay a couple of dollars more and get it locally without any risk (read on).

    Let look a little closer at goobids.

    Nice site.... tones of ebay, tones of google ... I'd personally be a little wary of a site that rips off two common brands to try and get traction. But anyway - if I was to use goodbids what are the terms and conditions of use.... ummmm - clicking on that gives me a blank page. Ok - then assuming I have to register to buy what security do I have over my personal details - gee another blank page. There's a theme here. The site is run by the same guys that run oztion. Anyone wanting to know more about oztion should do a bit of searching on google. Its interesting to say the least.

    Anyway. I could go on here but its pretty pointless. Your 'deal' wasnt worth posting, even though your yourself consider it great value. Long and short of it. You like ozbargains style of spam and bickering - go for it - knock yourself out. I see your same post over there is getting little traction and for some reason your not even getting people viewing your item. I wonder why. If you dont come back here I'm sure we wont lose too much from it.
  • auscourier2010/06/09 00:08:35
    Donkey, I see your responses as a close conversation however I'll make a comment on this so people will know that I do not hit and run.

    Yes, I do think my deal is good because everyone is different, not only you will save a couple of dollars but some do not live next to the store that sells them.

    Goobid is my friend site, it should have been Goodbid or Gobid but they're all taken, Google font is nice and interesting and I don't think they own the font, if they own it then the font would have to be change... Goobid is a free buy and sell auction site and it is very new, it still have many bugs in it and it would not be able to compare to ebay.

    Without too many restrictions it will give more freedom to people and you will enjoy a variety of choices. People live under communist ruling are sad but I never hear them cry...
    ozbargain not only run by admins but also by the members, sure it does get spam but it is also quickly rectify, it grows so it must be doing alright...

    You can lose what you haven't got.
  • lilpretzel2010/10/08 16:48:07
    [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]Please take note!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Due to daily spamming and numerous aliases any offers associated with [SIZE=5][COLOR=red]ZOUPON [SIZE=2][COLOR=black]are not permitted on the forum![/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    If you notice these offers please use the spam button http://www.buckscoop.com.au/images/dealb-spam.gif in the thread to notify Admin, it's a shame some merchants can't abide by our rules :)
  • fairybelle2010/10/09 13:25:16
    I thought something was going on there with Zoupon, Very sick of seeing those deals. With those sites I think most people get the emails everyday that have signed up anyway. So I just figure its no point re-posting it on here. I come here to get bargains that I cant usually find anywhere else.
  • fairybelle2010/10/11 12:30:01
    Well, its happening again today....
  • golfwidow2010/10/11 14:55:21
    Thanks fairybelle :)
    Please remember people if you see something dodgy then click the SPAM button! :D
  • fairybelle2010/10/19 13:02:48
    Hey just a suggestion, maybe this thread should be a sticky.
    Everyday now there has been SPAMMERS...
    Whats the go??
  • golfwidow2010/10/19 13:09:33
    Some people just don't care Fairy. They think Bucky is just like all the other sites and fail to read the rules or just blatantly ignore them. Personally it turns me off shopping at their sites or using their services when they spam. I can find someone with better business practices :)
  • fairybelle2010/10/19 13:25:52
    Yeah Im the same, I wont buy from Zoupon now... Dont they get it....??
  • alimac2010/10/19 15:24:55
    Count me in Golfy and Fairy. Constantly spamming a site doesn't win me over. Wish Zoupon would change their ways.

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