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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/08/06 02:39
After all the fun of the last game, I thought it was about time we had another Bingo game.

SO who is up for it this time?
I am going to reduce the size of the cards to make it a bit shorter and easier. It was a bit long last time ;)

If you are interested pop and comment below.
Any suggestions for days?? A Thursday night works for me

For all those newbies that did not see the Bingo game last time then click thru on go to deal to see the fun and frivolity of the last game
  • sab9882007/08/06 17:47:41
    me .. im waiting for BINGO !!!

    wats the prize ... i hope its a PlayStation 3 :P

    Thursday night is fine for me ... but after late night shopping ;)

    Any cashback for playing LOLLLLLLLL
  • jayne2007/08/06 18:01:39
    I'd like to join in again. Any time would be fine.
  • elegantegotist2007/08/06 18:12:57
    Me ! I'm still a buckscoop bingo virgin. Someone pop my cherry !
  • Brad2007/08/06 18:17:01
    I'm up for the challenge. ;)
  • lisss2007/08/06 19:53:30
    I'm in again if it's a suitable time for me :)
  • sandgroper2007/08/06 21:19:24
    Count me in ;-)
  • nod2007/08/06 22:42:33
    Me ! I'm still a buckscoop bingo virgin. Someone pop my cherry !

    Interersting :confused: Of course you can play!
  • nod2007/08/06 22:43:01
    I had thought the same time as well??
  • twingurl882007/08/06 23:14:42
    count me in 'again' nod! :)
  • holdenmg2007/08/06 23:38:40
    Sign me up whatname...


  • admin2007/08/07 01:29:01
    buckscoop bingo junkies club .... :D
  • wheadle2007/08/07 08:37:51
    I am in :) how many numbers though cos it was way too long last game?
  • mouldgirl2007/08/07 19:59:04
    When is it going to be Nod? Need to know before I commit
  • ScarletRubies2007/08/07 21:59:41
    If I am around and have the hour to spare, I'll join in... Thursday is no less possible than any other day. If Lost is on, it's a great time, because I don't watch it...
  • Wally2007/08/08 20:33:46
    Sign me up

    Don't have to be glued to the screen to appreciate Brat Camp on ABC ;-)
  • nod2007/08/09 00:22:19
    :D You watch that Wally!!! Winds me up too much :D
  • hellwolf2007/08/09 08:26:49
    Put me down, I should be able to play if it's a quick game.
  • nod2007/08/09 16:28:36
    I promise promise promise that the game is much quicker than b4 :o
  • elegantegotist2007/08/09 19:44:05
    How do i sign up ? Are we playing in this thread ?
  • Wally2007/08/09 20:38:57
    Is tonite Thurs 9 Aug Bingo Nite and is this the Thread?
  • Brad2007/08/09 20:40:02
    I'm guessing it's tonight. Everyone seems online, and ready.
  • Wally2007/08/09 20:41:18
    Everybody got a ticket?
  • Brad2007/08/09 20:47:23
    I don't, and I'm guessing you don't either?
  • admin2007/08/09 20:49:23
    elegantegotist - your signed up - its just a post in here and we'll sign you up thing.

    I'm not sure if its happening tonight you lot. Has Nod sent you all tickets ?
  • admin2007/08/09 20:50:22
    ahhhh - you answered my question Brad. I think the best option is to assume that its not tonight and that Nod will be around in a bit to sort the confusion out.
  • admin2007/08/09 20:50:36
    Apologies for the confusion.
  • Wally2007/08/09 20:51:34
    No doubt Nod is busy putting it together. Just thought i;d check that i didn't have a wayward email

    Edit: Ok Thx Admin
  • admin2007/08/09 20:52:00
    :D - although it could be a bit of fun to run it with no-one having tickets...

    'Now think of 9 random numbers in your head. No cheating when we call the numbers.... if you do .... we'll find out :D'
  • nod2007/08/10 15:03:50
    Hey guys :o
    So so so sorry for the confusion
    I was planning the Bingo game for this week or next but had not decided on a date and forces beyond my control made lat night impossible

    So Bingo is set for NEXT Thursday 16th August and it will launch 8PM AEST
  • lisss2007/08/11 15:23:50
    I won't be able to make bingo on that day nod, so you don't need to make me up a card :) Thanks anyway!
  • nod2007/08/11 15:41:19
    Ok Lisss
    thanks for telling me
    Shame you can't make it
  • nod2007/08/12 18:04:28
    So any newbies to Buckscoop like to play???
  • nod2007/08/13 02:22:16
    Here is the fantastically pointless prize:


    Lightning Reaction Xtreme Shock Game

    The most shocking game around just went Xtreme! Not for the faint of heart, Lightning Reaction Xtreme is a quick-reaction game with a superb sting in the tail. Up to four people hold the Lightning Reaction pistol grips, someone punches the starter button and the timer starts glowing red and playing eerie suspensful mood music. After a random amount of time it stops and the cenre light changes green - everyone then has to click their trigger button as quickly as they possibly can!

    There are two versions of the game, and two results. In one version the slowest person to react gets an electric shock, much to the relief of everybody else, but in the Extreme version, only the quickest person gets off free, and everyone else gets a shock! He he! Wicked. It's amazing how quickly your reactions improve after a few rounds of this game! There are two levels of shock you can choose from depending on how hard you're feeling at the time.
  • geo782007/08/13 17:19:25
    I will like to join the game!
    Thank you!
  • Brad2007/08/13 17:36:55
    Welcome to Buckscoop geo78
  • elegantegotist2007/08/13 17:57:52
    I so need that. nod did you get that from Adultshop.com.au using Jayne's deal ? :p
  • jayne2007/08/13 19:00:38
    Welcome to BuckScoop frpm me too geo78!

    @ elegantegotist - ROFL!
  • nod2007/08/14 15:04:19
    I so need that. nod did you get that from Adultshop.com.au using Jayne's deal ?

    Hehehehehehehe NO!!!

    I did think about having the glow in the dark handcuffs as a prize :o but I thought that was a bit much :w00t:

    And a big welcome to Buckscoop Geo78 :flowers:
    Great to have you on board for the game :)

    [COLOR="Red"]Anyone else???[/COLOR]
  • schlemster2007/08/14 16:36:09
    Me me me me me me me

    but you reckon that 2 lines means it is a shorter game? why not just 8 numbers?
  • admin2007/08/14 17:35:58
    I so need that. nod did you get that from Adultshop.com.au using Jayne's deal ? :p

    :D:D laughing my butt off and having problems keeping my mouth shut in a response.
  • geo782007/08/16 17:04:59
    thank you all who welcomed me to the forum and to the game and thank you nod for the bingo card. i hope it's a winner :)
  • admin2007/08/16 17:19:09
    :) - last time everyone was a winnner. There was jelly babies all round.

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