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Western Digital 1TB Essentials 3.5 Hard Drive $299 @ Officeworks

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/02/20 22:51
Western Digital 1TB Essentials 3.5 Hard Drive

Search for product No. SYWDHIU1TB

Easy to setup, Easy to use - This drive is all about simplicity. Plug it into your computer's USB 2.0 port and start saving.
1TB Capacity
USB 2.0 Interface
7,200RPM disk with 8.9ms average seek time
Weight: 1.15kg

3 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • nod2008/02/21 01:01:02
    29.9c a GB is really good value
  • admin2008/03/03 09:03:30
    was just looking at this deal (didnt realise it'd already been posted) - not a bad price. Selling elsewhere for 320 upwards. Interestingly the WD 1Tb internals are still floating in the 279 up range. Quite amazing how fast the price of storage drops.
  • diider2008/03/03 11:06:28
    I just got one on Saturday and it's working great. I also picked up a 120gb maxtor 2.5" for $99. Cant wait to back up all my stuff and rip all my old dvds so i dont have to worry about losing them. Most officeworks store have only a few left unfortunately so hurry if you want one :)
  • nod2008/03/03 14:43:42
    Hey Diider how are you?
    Good to see you have taken the plunge and decided to back up. :D
  • diider2008/03/03 20:44:44
    Hey nod, yeah i know been, been gone for a while. was overseas for over two months. got back, straight to uni and the shops :P:P Ive been getting heaps of bargains, I should probably post them (most of em from Officeworks) :)
  • nod2008/03/03 22:15:02
    Hope you had a great trip :)

    And of course you should post them :D And don't forget to add the 'mount buckscoop' tag so that you can enter the new promo. The more the merrier
  • diider2008/03/03 22:19:51
    The trip back home was amazing, I did nothing but eat, sleep,shop all day.. Ahhh the joys of being on holidays.

    I added a few deals in the past half hour. Let me know if I screwed up any of em :)
  • nod2008/03/03 22:25:29
    Not that I can see but no tag on any of them :D

    Nothing like eating your way thru a holiday :D
  • diider2008/03/03 22:27:54
    Argh, I knew I forgot something. I shall try to "remember" to fix em up in a bit :P

    Nothing like gaining heaps of weight too!
  • nod2008/03/03 22:33:24
    Post holiday gym membership a must :)

    With the tags you need to pick 4 deals and add the tag - only four allowed a day. And to nab the 1st day of the promo sorry to be a pain but could you add them by tomorrow morning :)
  • admin2008/03/04 08:12:23
    sometimes indulgence is a good thing diider :)

    Interesting...... the price of this has suddenly jumped to $399.... either they priced it incorrectly or they are playing silly buggers. At $299 it was a bargain - at $399 its a dog. Time for the expiry button methinks.
  • trevorf2008/03/04 09:24:40
    I'd say at 299 is was competitively priced, thats about the going price of 1TB.
  • admin2008/03/04 10:01:35
    yea - its about the cost of postage below the others I could find with the same unit.

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