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Webjet's One Day Only WORLD SALE This Sunday!

Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2007/10/13 00:27
Start Planning Now!

SAVE on a huge range of discounted airfares to a massive range of international destinations.

All major airlines are on sale to all international destinations (except New Zealand & Fiji).

Don't forget you can use the 28Day Deal Finder to find the cheapest fares for 14 days either side of your intended travel dates.

Sale Dates:

Sale starts midnight Saturday 13 Oct 07 and ends midnight Sunday 14 Oct 07

** Travel is from 14 Oct 07 until 31Aug 08 **
Expiry date:2007/10/14
  • admin2007/10/13 15:41:32
    I love this - all the airlines are just out to undercut each other.
  • elegantegotist2007/10/13 16:14:33
    Europe here I come. Thanks for this.
  • ashley70702007/10/14 00:13:12
    I cannot understand how hot this is? Am I missing something here. Went on their site and didn't find any good bargain.
  • admin2007/10/14 00:21:50
    I guess it would have already started assuming the timing is AEST. What flights have you checked ashley?
  • admin2007/10/14 00:25:35
    I just checked and the cheapest perth london is on Emirates @ $1921. Not a bad price but not incredible.
  • ashley70702007/10/14 00:27:15
    Melbourne - Cairns and Melbourne - Kuala Lumpur.

    Sale starts midnight Saturday 13 Oct 07 and ends midnight Sunday 14 Oct 07

    This does not make sense. Midnight Saturday means Friday after 23:59:59.
    Does this means we missed the sale?
  • Hoffy1672007/10/14 16:57:44
    It's on right now :-) I've just got to decide where I want to go!!!!!!
  • lilpretzel2007/10/14 17:43:21
    Man it's very hot in here :thumbsup:
  • elegantegotist2007/10/14 18:21:25
    Man it's very hot in here :thumbsup:

    "So take off all your clothes" :whistling:
  • gstok2007/10/14 18:21:46
    Don't get sucked in!!! Webjet is rarely the best offer and they lug on their own fees everywhere. Beware!
  • elegantegotist2007/10/14 18:22:14
    Who has the best offers then ?
  • fairybelle2007/10/14 18:32:03
    Im loking for some cheap flights to Thailand.... but webjet ones arent good at all
  • gstok2007/10/14 22:25:31
    You're better going direct with the airlines and hotel providers - none of the 'portals' seem to offer any value. Expedia, Zuji, Webjet, etc.... They just offer the same as the providers and add their margin or fees on top. Different story in other countries though.

    Fairybelle, not sure of your specifics, but maybe consider Tiger to Singapore, then a budget airline from there to Thailand. Last time I looked Tiger to Singapore return was about $470 including taxes for April 2008.
  • admin2007/10/15 17:36:45
    Or maybe have a look at stevehl's suggestion again. http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=4385

    The travel portals are frustrating arent they gstok. You'd think they'd be able to undercut the main sites given that they're operating on agents prices. Hotel accomodation is another thing that bugs me. Everytime I've checked out one of the 'great bargains' from third party sellers its worked out either the same or cheaper to go direct to the hotels own websites and book direct.
  • lisss2007/10/15 19:16:30
    How did this deal get such a hot rating? Is it an error?
  • nod2007/10/15 19:41:57
    For the deal to get this hot, people must have voted on it.
    So someone thinks it is a good deal :)

    But I will have to agree that I have not been overly impressed with the prices from Webjet before.

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