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WD 1TB 2.0 USB 3.5" hard drive $143.20 @ NScom

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Posted By: wheadle, posted 2009/02/19 22:09
Only have stock in Queensland so you could easily price match at your local HN or Office Works to get the price down a bit.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/19 22:27:43
    the link in this deal does not work, and boy, their site really sucks...

    i cannot find this drive anywhere on their system (in fact WD does even appear in their brands listing, even though they have some WD bare drives on their homepage)...
  • wheadle2009/02/19 22:35:50
    :D will go fix it up. cheers
  • wheadle2009/02/19 22:37:57
    I can't find it either now. They had 70 odd in queensland, they can't have sold out already!
  • fishmonkey2009/02/19 22:47:48
    haha, it's becoming a bit tedious watching the inevitable fall in prices of WD Elements 1TB hard drives.....

    in this case maybe the price was a mistake and was pulled? or a marketing stunt? or just a warp in the weave of the time-space continuum???
  • joelwilliam2009/02/20 01:38:53
    what's with the christmas banner? early for next christmas? hehe
  • admin2009/02/20 10:21:43
    :D - they do too....

    Did you see they have a category in the left hand side called "Edutainment"
  • fishmonkey2009/02/20 13:40:29
    edutainment is even a real word these days... ho ho ho
  • mundeep2009/02/20 15:17:04
    Front page now has a link to them for $169, only appear to have Perth availability.

  • admin2009/02/20 18:50:23
    Thanks mundeep
  • wheadle2009/02/20 21:23:45
    This is the exact page I saw at NSCom with the exact same availability in QLD
    Something fishy
  • fishmonkey2009/02/20 23:29:58
    same dodgy North Shore mob i would say...

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