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Vista Print Free Items + cashback

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/11/05 19:21
Business Cards - http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph21?SHOPPER_ID=VM0IEILM3PQ0RS0IUSL22TMO2H0766Z3

Christmas Cards FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph20

Caricature Return Address Labels FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph17

FREE Business Cards GREAT VALUE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph16

Desk Calendars FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph11

Small Stamps FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph15

2008 Calendar Magnets – FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph18

Standard Postcards FREE : http://e.vistaprint.com/a/tBHL7zVAZ5PETBgjZOYAaTahunl/vph19
  • fairybelle2007/11/06 13:24:39
    I dont know how to make it so you can get cashback on these though... Admin any help please?
  • nod2007/11/06 17:20:48
    Hi Fairybelle,
    There is sometimes an issue with the links once we try to add the tracking info to them.
    Vista have started to make the links so that they are only activated or valid if you click directly from their email.
    So I will pop one link in as a deep link and we can keep an eye on it but no guarantees I am afraid.
  • nod2007/11/06 17:22:20
    Just popped the Xmas card in and showing as free
    To pick up the tracking each of those links needs to be posted up as a new deal :(
    I will make a start
  • fairybelle2007/11/06 18:53:47
    thanks nod , i just wanted the chrissy cards
  • nod2007/11/06 19:28:28
    cool :)
    The link is still working
  • brooke2007/11/07 12:53:15
    i have to admit, i did think postage to start with was pretty steep if you were purchasing several items, but i have come around! i placed an order & accidentally pressed the upgrade button at the end & when i rang to ask if there was any way to avoid the extra $15 coming out of my credit card, they gave me the $15 refund & still let me upgrade to larger calendar magnets at twice the quantity of the original order. great customer service i think :)
  • fairybelle2007/11/07 18:24:40
    that does sound like excellent customer service, i also sometimes think there postage is a bit steep but they are gicing you "FREE" products they have to factor in some costs for the actual product.
    I have brought a few things from them actually, i have been happy with the quality and the price, I will definatley buy more from them in the future...
    Now... i have to get back to making the christmas cards!
  • lilpretzel2007/11/07 20:25:36
    I wasn't to fussed on my Return Address Labels.

    I'm still waiting on my Large Calendar Magnets + Photo Desk Calendars these where shipped on the 19/10 :confused:

    I'm going to be soooo upset if the Calendars don't arrive before Friday, these will be given as a remembrance of my dad on Monday :(
    It took me about 3 hours to finally decide on a design.

    Thanks fairybelle I might take another look but yes I don't like the postage, my last postage cost was $22.51
  • lilpretzel2007/11/07 20:27:44
    fairybelle have you been getting the Buckscoop Cashback $3.60?
  • nod2007/11/07 21:25:27
    Vista actually state that they offer the cashback on freebies and they have a higher rate if you actually buy something from them :)
  • lilpretzel2007/11/07 21:36:16
    Cheers nod might have to put a ticket in for them + a DStore purchase which hasn't tracked.

  • nod2007/11/07 21:39:53
    For sure
    They are usually pretty good at honouring the cashback.
  • fairybelle2007/11/10 19:12:34
    This christmas card thing isnt that great, its FREE for 10 cards but you have to pay a once off collage fee of $7.99

    This is what it says:
    There is a one time collage card photo storage fee for your uploads. After the initial fee, you can continue to use those particular images in other products of successive orders at no further cost.

    So ontop of the $8.81 postage its like $16.80 for 10 cards.. So, really they are NOT FREE IMO

    what do you think ?? worth it?
  • nod2007/11/10 20:30:41
    So ontop of the $8.81 postage its like $16.80 for 10 cards.. So, really they are NOT FREE IMO

    Super expensive is what I would call it
  • lilpretzel2007/11/10 20:54:11
    fairybelle are the christmas cards the only thing you want?

    When I did my order of calander magnets, desktop calander + labels the upload fee of my image became free :confused:

    Postage could be alot cheaper if they marked the parcel as a gift :rolleyes:
    I paid $4 in taxes, total postage $22.51

    Just a warning my order was made on 19/10/2007 and just arrived 08/11/2007

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