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Virgin Blue sale on again eg Bris - Mlb $99

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/11/07 12:27
Some ok prices in the latest sale. Some of the fares are the same as you would get on Jetstar so make sure you price compare

Bris to Melb for $99 is good
Syd to Per $189 is not that great as friend just booked the same for $169
Bris to Syd for $69 is the same at Jetstar too I think

Seems like I am talking myself out of the sale :-D

So checkout the prices at other airlines b4 you commit to the flight - the Bris to Melb flight is a good one though

Sale ends midnight DST 13th Nov

*Sale Period: Midnight Thursday 6th November 2008 to Midnight Thursday 13th November 2008
Travel Period 1: Thursday 20th Nov 2008 to Tuesday 16th Dec 2008
Travel Period 2: Tuesday 13th Jan 2009 to Tuesday 7th Apr 2009
  • admin2008/11/07 12:46:35
    Virgin blue are a bit rubbery with their prices.

    I've seen perth melbourne tickets 'on sale' at $159 per leg, then just as a normal bookable cheapie ticket not on sale at $169 per leg and now they're back 'on sale' at $189.... Strikes me as a bit of an arbitrary use of the word on sale where the sale price is actually more expensive than the normal everyday price.
  • nod2008/11/28 21:37:33
    well the 'sale' is on again!
    Prices have not changed much and it seems to me that they pop out a sale email every week

    Think they need to actually drop their prices a bit before they announce the next sale :whistling:

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