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VELOCITY Birthday Discounts - Sale in Velocity Reward Store

Posted By: ScarletRubies, posted 2007/11/20 00:40
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  • kearnsy2007/11/20 18:02:16
    Hi Scarlet,
    ok i have logged in, and apart from the 2 items listed under the 2nd birthday specials I can't see what other products have been reduced.

    Is there only 2?

  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 18:10:49
    Hi Damien, I couldn't tell you. I haven't really had a look around as I don't have squillions of points to spend anyway.

    I do know I don't have enough for a $100 Virgin voucher (which sounds smutty now I am writing it down. Silly).
  • kearnsy2007/11/20 18:15:30
    Very interesting indeed
    on the page that this deal is linked to has the two products under 2nd birthday special with the amount that each product has been reduced.

    I would expect to see a product category called 2nd birthday after login with all the other items, but nope.

    A pretty POV (Poor On Value) promotion Velocity, unless you are after a phone or swingball game!
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 18:19:22
    POV does not = point of view in this case?

    Sorry the site isn't being intuitive and behaving itself...
  • kearnsy2007/11/20 18:28:40
    Hi Scarlet,

    Just my opinion but I would have been inclined to bundle all the Velocity "scoops" under just one thread; (eg. Velocity 2nd Birthday Deals)

    The URL you have used to base all your thread is easy enough to navigate.

    Anyway just a thought, but thanks for posting!
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 18:31:28
    LOL@you, me and Nod...

    I originally did - then Nod suggested I list them separately. Any idea how much of my online phaffing about time this is eating up? :eek: :p

    (see: http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=26023 )
  • kearnsy2007/11/20 18:58:35
    oops, well admin's knows best!

    The only reason I thought 1 thread, was that there probably would only be a small minority of bucky members that actually have velocity, so I would have thought that most of the threads would soon disappear (by disappear I mean, be quickly 10 pages back on the forums) through lack of conversation.

    At least with one thread a consistent flow of communication can occur and the thread does not run the risk of a "fast-tracked" to forum death!

    Anyway just my 2 cents!
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 19:12:04
    Quick, go click HOT on all of them... higher temps stay on the front page. :p
  • nod2007/11/20 19:14:09
    oops, well admin's knows best!

    Well that is not always the case :D

    All things tend to go in circles I guess. I had thought when I originally read your deal Ruby that Velocity had some really good bargains for their birthday but on a second read they certainly could have been better.

    So do I merge the posts?
  • nod2007/11/20 19:15:51
    me again :D
    I guess the one good thing is that people can go to the offer that works for them quickly and easily, thanks to Ruby's hard work :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 19:16:23
    Don't you flaming dare! I spent way too much time putting them all up!!! I vote you go heat them up too, young lady.

    Grumble flaming grumble.

  • kearnsy2007/11/20 19:17:25
    i think leave them as is...

    Scarlet would be crushed that all her hard work went down the drain.

    Two gold stars for effort Scarlet!

    Edit: Sheesh you guys are fast!
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 19:21:10
    "fast" was a euphemism for something you shouldn't call a lady, mister!

    But hey - thanks for the support. Us old ladies need all we can get.
  • kearnsy2007/11/20 19:25:18
    i would make the admin's separate the deals next time Scarlet, what do ya recon?

  • ScarletRubies2007/11/20 19:28:19
    Hmmm, there's a benefit to me posting them - if they warm up a bit, I get increased heating-and-cooling ability, and I think the number of actual deals counts in my favour too. Still, I need to remember this silly computer is not my life.

    Yep, toddler crying - there's my reminder!!! :)
  • nod2007/11/20 19:32:44
    i would make the admin's separate the deals next time Scarlet, what do ya recon?

    LOL well this is a democracy and what the members want the members get ... well within reason of course :D

    I certainly would not want to get on the wrong side of this lady :D

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