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Upto 50% off at Tippy, womens shoes, bags and accessories

Posted By: Keeys, posted 2007/11/17 00:56
Some really nice items here, nice for gifts or to spoil yourself :)

I live in the country which is a shame cause some of the high heals are to die for!!

Happy shopping :) :)
  • jayne2007/11/18 00:03:07
    I added a shoe pic to the OP just for illustration purposes :) I quite like the blue and the grey in these:

  • nod2007/11/18 02:03:20

    The Gators for 10 bucks are good.

    I have to say I have not bought either Gators or Crocs - for those that have is there a big difference b/w the two?
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/18 17:15:34
    Nod, I bought a pair of cheap knock offs from Crazy Clark's (Go Lo) for $7, and wear them so much more than I thought I would. I don't really like them (aesthetically) and think the "genuine" ones are just as unattractive as the cheap ones, but they are comfortable etc. I scored lots of admiring comments (insane, but true) because mine are painted all pretty like...! ;)

    I wasn't sure if I wanted anything from China with paint on it, but have almost relaxed all those concerns.
  • brooke2007/11/18 23:37:23
    they had those weird looking shoes in a centre-court sale at my local westfield shopping centre for just under $5, or 3 pairs for $10...i didnt buy any but just thought id compare prices. they still sell in surf shops for ridiculous amounts of money if ur looking for "quality" tho! lol...
  • admin2007/11/18 23:44:59
    I really dont get them myself.

    Read an interesting article the other day on the company that makes crocs. It went from obscurity to a $200 mill US business in something like 24 months. The biggest challenge they face now - the fact that they're a one product wonder. Made me laugh.

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