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Up to 75% off gifts @ Lastminute.com (novelty & gadgets) from $5!!

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/03/24 05:07
There is a sale on some items @ Lastminute.com.au at the minute, with items starting at five bucks!! Admittedly there's not a lot there, but worth a look in case there's something there for you!

See the forum thread for some of the items (click comments button below)
  • jayne2007/03/24 21:09:22


    100 things you don't need a man for! By Alison Jenkins delivered - Save over 80%

    Tired of relying on a man to deal with your home repair problems?


    100 things you don’t need a man for! Covers all the basics that women need to know for home improvement and repair.

    This practical, easy-to-follow, and un-patronising guide takes you step by step through the difficult jobs, and offers careful advice to troubleshoot all the problems you are likely to encounter.

    You’ll never need a man again (for home improvement that is!)

    The book features:
    Tooling up
    Fixing it
    Laying it
    Nailing it
    Storing it
    Faking it
    Not doing it
    Cost (including delivery):
    AUD27.95 AUD5.00
  • jayne2007/03/24 21:10:45

    Glitterati Bronzing Glow, Body Cream, and Shimmer Puff by MOR - Save up to 50%
    Glitter gives a warm, healthy, natural glow

    [SIZE=5][COLOR=red]$10 each[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2]Glitterati Bronzing Glow, Body Cream, and Shimmer Puff by MOR - Save up to 50%[/SIZE][/FONT]

    Glitter based beauty products are a top secret of the beauty and fashion industries and are used on all of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. Glitter makes you look like the sun is always shining on you, like you are lit up in the flash of a paparazzi camera and gives a warm, healthy, natural glow.
    With these gorgeous glitterati beauty products from MOR you too can shimmer like a superstar and shine like a princess. Choose from an exotic glow from Tahiti or Morocco to Ibiza or Iceland and look your best at any time of year.
    The three different products (bronzing glow, body cream and powder puff) come in four different fragrant colours (Tahitian, Moroccon, Ibiza or Icelandic).

    Please note: Some products may have been sold out in some fragrances.

    Bronzing Glow: 200 ml Tahitian gives shimmering bronze highlights, Moroccan - gold highlights, Ibiza - peach/pink, and Icelandic - pearl/white highlights. With a moisturizing base they add an elegant sheen to bare skin. Quick application and easy to wash off.
    Body Cream: 250 ml Tahitian scented with (Frangipani, Tiare Flower and Coconut), Moroccan (Lemon Spice, Jasmine Blossom, Desert Bloom and Dry Fig Fruit), Ibiza (Clementine, Melon, Peach and Bellini), and Icelandic (White Cognac, Fern, and Forest Flowers). Subtle highlights leave the skin with a seductive gloss and shimmer, use daily. Powder puff: This super soft powder puff will add a sexy shimmer to skin day or night and is infused with Moroccan, Ibiza or Icelandic signature scent, presented in a crystal-handled box you can apply over the Bronzing Glow or Body Cream to set and finish or use it alone. Cost (including delivery):
    AUD18 AUD10.00 – Bronzing Glow
    AUD15 AUD10.00 – Body Cream
    AUD20 AUD10.00 – Powder Puff
  • jayne2007/03/24 21:11:39

    Bubble Photo Frame - Save $40
    What better way to display your photos than in one of these groovy photo frames?


    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2]Bubble Photo Frame - Save $40
    Brighten up any room with one of these very unique photo frame that'll do justice to any type of photo or keepsake. With twelve spots for photos and a protruding, clear bubble over each, the bubble photo frame is very versatile.
    Unleash your creative flair and pop in a shell with the photos from the beach, a lock of hair with the picture of babie's first haircut or a medal with the picture of your child winning a race.
    And don't worry this simple frame won't upstage your family snapshots but it will enhance them.
    Dimensions: Frame Size: 40cmX60cm
    Photo Size: 7cm
    Bubble Protrudes: 3cm
    Cost (including delivery):
    AUD39.95 now AUD10.00
  • jayne2007/03/24 21:12:47

    5 Piece Gadget Set on Stand - Save 50%
    Almost every kitchen gadget you could ever want in one handy stand.


    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2]5 Piece Gadget Set on Stand - Save 50%
    Don’t you just love it when you have to go hunting all over kitchen to find the can opener? Or a corkscrew? Or a nutcracker? Or... well, you get the picture.
    This handy 5 piece gadget set ensures everything's within easy reach next time you need it. Featuring a corkscrew, nutcracker, peeler, garlic press, and can opener, most of your daily cooking utensil needs are taken care of on one station. Constructed out of sturdy metal with red rubber grips, these tools will enhance the look of any kitchen.
    Features: Corkscrew
    Y-shaped Peeler
    Can Opener
    Garlic Press
    Cost (including delivery):
    AUD15.00 AUD29.95
  • nod2007/03/24 22:04:29
    Hey thanks for this Jayne
    Lastminute.com.au can have some good prices on gifts. I always keep an eye on the facials and stuff they have. But so far they are all in Sydney :(

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