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Unlimited: Win something(?) from Target

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/02/12 19:15
Funny comp. Entry requires you to give them name and email etc. The competition involves clicking on random tabs they have in the competition page. You have 5 (and can get 5 more by spamming the competition on facebook) goes and the prizes are

1 x $1000 target gift card
3 x $500 target gift cards
20 x $100 target gift cards
71 x $10 target gift cards
70 x target denim jeans
600 x downloadable songs
Expiry date:2010/03/24
  • Donkey2010/02/12 19:17:14
    I just blew my 5 goes...... and got zip.
  • Gallifrey2010/02/12 20:10:56
    i just blew my 5 goes too....... blooming computer programmed things lol
  • melscott282010/02/12 20:42:46
    only 2 $10 gift cards and tracks left
  • Donkey2010/02/12 20:45:56
    Just trying to figure out how its holding the record that you've already played. Its doing it between different browsers so I suspect they're locking it to IP address.
  • Donkey2010/02/12 20:58:24
    Interesting - it doesn't seem to be holding the details in cookies or basing it on IP address......
  • kazyazy2010/02/13 08:43:26
    Only 1 x $10 voucher left
  • frogduck2010/02/13 11:59:03
    my 5 chances gone :( was fun for about 2 seconds :D
  • Donkey2010/02/13 15:46:32
    Heck that was quick.... 1 x $10 gift card and 102 tracks left.
  • golfwidow2010/02/15 17:48:42
    Nothing here either :(

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