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Uni offer: Buy a Mac and an Ipod and receive $199 cash back @ Apple

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Posted By: geo78, posted 2008/03/04 13:01
Uni offer (Staff & Students): Buy a Mac and an Ipod and receive $199 cash back @ Apple.

Purchase a 4GB iPod nano or any qualifying iPod with your Mac between 23 January and 18 April 2008 and get $199 back after postal rebate*.
Expiry date:2008/04/18
  • trevorf2008/03/04 13:32:55
    Still paying a huge premium for Apple products., but for those dead set on Apple products, guess it's alright.
  • admin2008/03/04 20:48:16
    well - a premium on a premium really when you buy from the apple site direct.

    Prices direct from apple seem to sit @ 20 - 30% more expensive than the same unit from a third party. Which is why I have trouble recommending getting anything off there except refurbs.

    I still reckon the thought that goes into pushing the boundary's of both useability and design that mac puts into their products is very smart. Take the iphone - you can actually work on buckscoop off it reasonably productively because of they way they've implemented the data entry and page scrolling functions. Me personally - I'll pay for that.
  • nod2008/03/04 23:20:48
    So for better value you could get your mac from Getmac??
    This is a newer version of the promo they had a few weeks/months back - buy a mac and get a free ipod :)
  • Wally2008/03/05 00:38:56
    The best way for a Student to save on Apple hardware i understand is to join Apple's Developer Connection with a Student membership - think the fee is either $US99 or $AU149 -
    which will give up to $AU800 off the price of a MacBook Pro - plus the latest copy of OSX
    ie. basically for the cost of purchasing the latest OSX operating system you get membership benefits and hardware discounts

  • admin2008/03/05 00:48:05
    is that on top of the academic discount apple already give or an alternative wally ?
  • Wally2008/03/05 00:56:49
    Do not believe it to be. The Developer Connection has different [larger] pricing discounts

    Edit. The ADC discount is off 1 hardware item for the lifetime of the membership

    But you are still free to buy other items using the Education discount
  • trevorf2008/03/05 10:13:21
    Wow, didn't know about this ADC program, you a member? and do you have any example pricing discounts. Apple store price vs ADC for a specific unit, e.g. lowest Macbook pro ;)
  • Wally2008/03/05 19:08:40
    No not an ADC member myself.

    Pretty sure If you follow links from the page above you should get to the Developer Connection Store webpage,

    Can't link to it as it is uses session cookie
  • ozpete2008/03/05 19:47:44
    Wally - Maybe this is worth a thread in itself, rather than being hidden here
  • nod2008/03/05 19:51:11
    I think we do have a thread somewhere but it is a good tip so happy for another to refresh our memory
    Excellent idea Ozpete :)

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