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Twin Share + Unlimited entry to seaworld + $10 fuel voucher per night @ Sea World $128

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2008/01/14 18:54
Seaworld are giving a twin share room plus $128 per night and including a $10 fuel voucher (not that thats terrible huge) and unlimited entry to sea world during your stay.

Where I suspect they're going to get you on this deal is with the kids that would probably be going to accompany you on this trip. They cost $43 for entry to seaworld.
Expiry date:2008/04/14
  • nod2008/01/15 18:58:53
    The adult tickets are normally $66 dollars!
    So this is a still a pretty good saving I guess and that is only one day admission

    But then again you only get one day admission per kid for the $43 dollars too
  • tlaing2008/01/22 18:24:53
    How do you find nights for $128, is there a promo code that needs to be entered??
  • admin2008/01/23 10:13:28
    no tlaing - it was a promo they were running. Am just trying to see whether they've ended it.
  • admin2008/01/23 10:16:00
    The fuel promo runs between the 21st of Jan and 30th April
  • admin2008/01/23 10:20:37
    I'll need to have a bit more of a search around for you tlaing - I cant find the deal on the site. The one thats there at the moment is 145 for a 2 x double bed stay but doesnt include the adults park entry.
  • Keeys2008/01/23 10:31:47
    I'd also be interested in more info on this one. As a family of 5 we can't stay in one room but need 2 usually this works out to expencive but in the case it would be worth paying for 2 rooms. If you were going to pay $86 for childs entry might as well pay the $40 extra and have more space and unlimited entry.

    So more info would be great :)
  • admin2008/01/23 10:39:20
    ok - figured it out.... I'm blind.

    its $128 per person on a twin share. Kids can be added for $43.

    So for the superior room which houses 2 adults and 2 kids + sea world entry (assuming your 2 adults and 2 kids) your looking at $342 per day. I cant seem to find a cheaper package direct although you may be able to combine discounts (and there's a few people here that I know can point you in the right direction).

    The biggest benefit is the 9% cashback - otherwise its a pretty hefty price.
  • admin2008/01/23 10:48:17
    keeys - your going to get stung there. $420 is the cheapest 'package' they give for 5 + tickets. Booking a 1 adult, 1 kid room is $299.

    :D the only way...... would be if you could sneak one in as an 'infant'. That way you can get it for $342 in the one room......
  • Keeys2008/01/23 11:15:46
    Our youngest is an infant but they all love those Fire Laws when they work in their favour. I'm all for fire laws don't get me wrong but you know some places just use it as an excuse. Hes one and doesn't walk in case of a fire he needs to be carried lol
  • admin2008/01/23 20:09:32
    You'll be ok with junior. I priced the room with 2 x adults, 2 x kids and 1 x junior.

    I'm personally pretty staggered at how expensive the theme parks are.
  • Keeys2008/01/23 21:18:45
    I know such a rip off really for a day and they don't miss you on food or drink while there either :(
  • admin2008/01/23 21:34:10
    Cant you all just drink the pool water and eat grass while your there :)

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