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tunehotels.com 2nd B'day Sale rooms from just 0.02RM (0.008Aus$)per night throughout asia

Posted By: Keeys, posted 2009/05/13 12:17
Great for anyone snapping up cheap seats through airasia!!

I just booked 3 double rooms for KL for $41 Aus (for all 3). I didn't opt for any extras. I will take a few old towels with us and just throw them out Ifigure my luggage will be lighter heading over so will have space. As for air con figured I'd decide when I get there if i need or not.

Stays for 1st Feb - 30th April 2010
Expiry date:2009/05/22
  • Keeys2009/05/13 12:18:17
  • lisss2009/05/13 12:18:39
    What a pity the stay dates are so far away :( A good deal if you know your plans that far ahead....
  • golfwidow2009/05/13 12:26:17
    You are on a roll Keeys! :w00t:
  • lilpretzel2009/05/13 13:08:13
    Nice one yet again Keeys!

    I bet hubby is very happy with your bargain hunting today :w00t:

    Have you managed to find cheap HK Disneyland tickets?
  • Keeys2009/05/13 13:15:26
    haha no but give me time not got accom yet for HK either never thought of ever going there till now so madly reading up ;)

    still got to put the finishing touches on our trip to KL in Nov yet too!!
  • femme172009/05/13 13:58:09
    I think you will definitely need aircon in KL
  • Keeys2009/05/13 14:31:29
    I think you will definitely need aircon in KL

    There are fans in the room and I figure it depends how well the building itself is at staying cool. We won't be arriving till late and then checking out first thing. So if we get there and the roomsare stinking hot will get the air con and if its ok with the fan etc for the few hours wewillbe there great. Also not sure we will use all three rooms it will depend on if the kids feel ok to be in a room on their own or if hubby wants to sleep in another room etc But I made sure I booked enough spacefor 5 of us so no problems at book in. We do similar when go to formula one here sometimes. :o :whistling:
  • heremo2009/05/14 17:44:51
    Hi Keeys

    Are you going to HK? Me too and the kids and hubby

    If you don't mind, can you let me know if you find any good deals on Disneyland tickets and accomodation etc. If you rather not thats OK too.

  • Keeys2009/05/14 19:42:51
    I'm more than happy to share any info I find :D

    It will be our middle childs 12th b'day while over there was looking at staying at Disney resort but I'm still picking myself up off the floor as we need 2 rooms. Aparently though they do a special dinner where you pay $90HK extra for birthday guest and get a b'day cake (for birthday person so can't imagine its big) a bag of party goodies, photos with charactors big fuss made etc Also if you go to disney land on your b'day you get a special birthday badge to keep ...you wear it and get special treatment no waiting for rides, get to be a special helper in shows etc

    So when are you going ?

    I was worried about our 1 night in KL knowing how pricey places can be but this deal made short work of that. We are going to KL in November so when we go back for the day in April we will know what shops to hit ;)
  • djcollins2009/05/15 20:18:02
    I am in a Tune Hotel in KL Sepang right now. They are clean and the staff are friendly but be aware, they are really, really small. There is about an average of 50cm on each side of the bed, there is no TV, but on the plus side the WiFi is cheap (AU$4.50 per 24 hours).

    Good for a stop over.... we are here for 10 hours between flights, or for people who are literally just going to use the hotel for the bed.

    Have a great holiday...
  • Keeys2009/05/15 21:07:47
    Thanks for the feedback dj sounds like just what we needed then and at $40 for 5 of us can't go to far wrong.
  • heremo2009/05/15 21:23:41
    Thanks keeys
    we will be in HK for Christmas and my son turns 6 while we are there so thanks for the info! I heard accomodation in HK costs a lot so I will share with you if I get anything good as well.
  • Keeys2009/05/15 21:31:21
    How amazing ....I'd love to be OS for xmas.

    From what I've seen so far HK is even more expencive than KL and rooms even smaller just when I didn't think it was posable.

    We've never been to Asia before so the next 12mths will be a real eye opener I'm sure.

    NOTE TO SELF....no more cheap airfares cause the accommodation is costing us a fortune lol
  • lilpretzel2009/05/15 21:33:54
    Don't forget the spending money keeys ;)
  • Keeys2009/05/15 21:44:52
    Yes well thats the reason I'm trying to sot out my accommodation sooner rather than later. I figure once I pay that then I can get onto saving for the good stuff ;)

    A Question while your all poping in and out. Both our Asian trips are in the next 12mths plus we are going to GC in a few weeks for a long weekend plus whatever else comes p in the next 12mths we are wondering if better to go with 12mth travel insurance or stick to just insuring the big 2 trips seperately? Any pro's/con's?

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