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Topfield PVR TRF-7160 (500Gb hard disk) $200 including shipping (refurbished unit)

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Posted By: stevehl, posted 2013/01/12 19:04
Topfield PVR TRF-7160 (refurbished) $200 incl GST + Shipping (usually about $300) comes with 12 months warranty and Sept 2012 Firmware ie it can record 4 services at once however:

Having two physical HD tuners means you can either record two channels at once, or record and watch, or record one channel while pausing another. The firmware update mentioned above enables Quad recording (this is promoted heavily on the box) but there’s a bit of a trick here.

In the whacky world of digital TV, services (ABC, Seven, Nine etc) are split into sub-channels: ABC2, ABC3, 7TWO et al. When you enable Quad Recording, you can record two sub-channels at the same time from one service, and then another two sub-channels from another.

So you could record ABC HD, ABC2, 7HD, and then be watching 7TWO. Sounds confusing? The remote helpfully blacks out all channels that can’t be viewed because of current recording.

Even without the firmware upgrade, you can record two channels and watch a third as long as its on one of the services being recorded.


Internal Hard Drive 500Gb - up to 200 Hours
DVB-T 2 x Mpeg4 - HD
Record 4 Services Yes**
Record 2 Channels Yes
Simultaneous Playback While Recording Yes
Custom Favourite List Yes
Free to Air Electronic Program Guide Yes
Pause Live TV / Time Shift Up To 5 Hours
HDMI Out Put Yes
Component (YPbPr) Out Put Yes
Composite (CVBS) Out Put Yes
Digital Audio Optical Yes
USB 2.0 Support Yes
Network Connection LAN
Web Server Yes
TAP Support Yes**
External Hard Disk Drive Support Up To 1000Gb (1Tb)
Fast-forward and Rewind Speed Up To 128x
Skip Functions Yes (Variable)
PhotoViewer with SlideShow Yes
Media Player- Divx HD Certified Yes
MP3 Player Yes.

Link: http://www.topfield.com.au/ click on "shop online"
Shortcut: http://shopping.netsuite.com/topfield
  • derdew2013/01/13 16:48:06
    link doesn't work
  • Rebekah762013/01/14 11:25:28
    We have a topfield and it's a great machine. very clever compared to other set top boxes we've used. (ours lets us record 4 channels - from 2 broadcasters, eg Ch9, 99, 7 and 72)
  • Donkey2013/01/14 17:51:29
    Fixed derdew. Use the deeplink to get to the product page. I'm still trying to work out why netsuite is selling this unit. Doesnt seem to be core business for them.

    Edited By: Donkey on 2013/01/14 06:53:32: problem.
  • Donkey2013/01/14 19:32:48
    Nice deal temp stevehl :)
  • stevehl2013/01/16 01:26:39
    Fixed derdew. Use the deeplink to get to the product page. I'm still trying to work out why netsuite is selling this unit. Doesnt seem to be core business for them.

    Edited By: Donkey on 2013/01/14 06:53:32: problem.

    Donkey while you are fixing things, when I edit my post, it looses the link to the image.
  • Donkey2013/01/16 03:27:20
    Yea thats another one of the annoying bugs thats on the fix it up list. Just delete the image reference and submit - it picks it up again.
  • stevehl2013/01/16 20:12:34
    Yay my refurbished Topfield TRF7160 arrived today - took 2 days to get here after placing the order. I updated the firmware 1.08. Only downside is that the USB port is at the back only - none at the front. And as per the reviews, the remote has LOTS of buttons so you need to get familiar with their placement. It plays back AVI files too.
  • Donkey2013/01/16 20:16:27
    Score..... ! They must have a few in stock as I checked earlier to see whether they were still selling them and they are.
  • KDH2013/01/23 12:17:16
    stevehl - you would be better using firmware 1.06, 1.08 doesn't allow TAPS
    TAPS are apps that the unit can run which do things like automatically move recordings into folders, allow custom skip times for the coloured buttons (makes skipping ads a breeze) and auto search and record functions, great for the never ending floating/shifting start times the networks insist on doing (works like a smart series link)
  • stinkmeister2013/01/23 18:02:12
    Can you roll it back once you've updated ?
  • stevehl2013/01/23 21:05:40
    KDH yes I have considered using TAPs as this is an upgrade of my old standard def Toppy. Can you recommend a site for TAPs?
  • wfdTamar2013/01/24 08:22:43
  • Donkey2013/01/24 08:34:39
    9068 forum members and 1 post - according to the stats on the bottom.
  • wfdTamar2013/01/25 08:12:34
    It's an active forum. Once you login you get:
    Our users have posted 39,255 Posts in 3,948 Topics in 34 Forum(s)
    Last Post; Today at 07:51 By

    Edited By: wfdTamar on 2013/01/24 21:14:11: correction
  • Donkey2013/01/25 08:27:07
    I was wondering why you'd posted it :)
  • stevehl2013/01/28 16:31:56
    Note to others: TAPs on this model can only be installed via USB, FTP or LAN (after TAPtoDate is installed). The RebuildNAV TAP can only be installed via FTP due to the type of files that need to be copied to the Toppy. The Altair software which was used on the older Standard Definition Topfield recorders no longer works on this model.

    Edited By: stevehl on 2013/01/29 13:20:03: answered my own question.
  • wfdTamar2013/01/31 08:38:21
    Sold out
  • Donkey2013/01/31 08:49:25
    Thanks - have expired. Was a good deal.

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