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TopBuy - 8GB Data Traveler 100 USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 49.95 + Freeship with Paypal

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Posted By: Wally, posted 2008/03/13 04:54
USB 2.0 compliant and 1.1 compatible
Compatibility Table
Operating System File Transfer
Windows Vista** Yes
Win XP (SP1 and above) Yes
Win 2000 (SP4 and above) Yes
Mac (10.x and above) Yes
Linux (2.4 and above) Yes

5 year Manufacturer warranty

Freeship with Paypal payment + receive a voucher for 10% off next purchase - may not get the BS 4% cashback
Expiry date:2008/03/14
  • nod2008/03/13 23:40:53

    I will give you a hot vote for that :)
  • mikepspencer2008/03/14 03:17:14
    doing some research on it. The drive IS NOT readyboost compatible for those using Vista.

    Also anyone knows if a strap is included to wear the drive around your neck?
  • admin2008/03/14 10:37:08
    readyboost compatible mike ??
  • admin2008/03/14 10:40:11
    Ha - thats smart. Using the flash as a cache on vista. Intelligent use of technology and software if you ask me. Makes sense really....
  • admin2008/03/14 10:49:19
    The price delivered is not bad. Not wow but on the cheap end of the market (factoring in the delivery cost)
  • geo782008/03/14 10:57:38
    20c cheaper @ Shopping Square :)
  • trevorf2008/03/14 11:46:33
    readyboost compatible mike ??

    Basically readyboot compatible only means that the device is capable of a specific speed. There are slow and faster flash devices on the market.
  • Brad2008/03/14 18:19:39
    Expired now.

    Price is back up to $89.95

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