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TODAY @ OzSale MIDDAY MADDNESS from 12pm-2pm. Up to 92% off

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2010/02/09 11:06
Prices so low youll think theyve gone mad

  • sparrow2010/02/09 11:51:36
    And how funny the email they sent about it-it says priority access from 7am. :rolleyes:
  • melscott282010/02/09 12:03:10
    its just mens underwear and only 1 type in black or white - exciting!
  • sparrow2010/02/09 12:04:26
    Geez, I was expecting something wonderful. That's a bit of a sad offering. :( Well, like they said- I think they have gone mad.
  • melscott282010/02/09 12:07:20
    yes i was very dissapointed - had been counting down the minutes til it started
  • sparrow2010/02/09 12:07:36
    And already 5 minutes in to the sale and the black is sold out. Only 2 sizes in white left.
  • melscott282010/02/09 12:09:46
    They do look nice. I wouldnt mind seeing my guy walking around in them but im too cheap and will just go to target where i dont have to pay postage.
  • Michelle21542010/02/09 12:09:50
    Well that was dissapointing, just some old man's undies put right at the bottom of the page, probably hoping that us shoppers would have a browse through the other clothes and buy something from there also.
    Not worth the wait.:mad:
  • fairybelle2010/02/09 12:12:20
    OMG - Even Im dissapointed.
  • sparrow2010/02/09 12:14:23
    Yeah, it's a shame you can't buy and combine from different sales. It is already going to cost an extra $8.50 in post at least. Maybe they will surprise us and put more things in the sale over the next 2 hours. Doubtful tho.
  • Rebekah762010/02/09 12:35:48
    I did buy some clothes from them last week that were pretty good value.. and they only charge 50c p&h after the first item... but I agree.. would be great to buy from more than one sale!

    very disappointed with the undies - was expecting something amazing
  • Rebekah762010/02/09 12:37:45
    I meant 50c extra p&h per item after the first one.
  • fairybelle2010/02/09 12:43:53
    Well almost an hour in and just 2 pairs of knickers! is that all they could come up with...
  • ironsword2010/02/09 13:43:34
    Well almost an hour in and just 2 pairs of knickers! is that all they could come up with...

    Pretty pathetic
  • queenshrew2010/02/09 17:11:20
    haha glad I didn't stay home waiting at the computer for this sale.

    I'm an Ozsale addict...

    I have to say I did really well at their Willow & Finn Mystery Girls box sale. For about 28.95 delivered, got 2 dresses, a skirt and a long sleeve top. HOwever it did say 5 items and I only got 4. Won't complain tho. The dresses were both SOOOO pretty! My little girl loves them. She got more attention than usual wearing these dresses!!!
  • kazyazy2010/02/10 11:07:40
    Its on again today and it says its something for the ladies :)
  • sparrow2010/02/10 11:26:17
    Hhm, after yesterday I'm not sure weather to get excited or not. Will have a look if I'm around the computer then.
  • kazyazy2010/02/10 12:08:29
    The bras are pretty good for $11
  • queenshrew2010/02/10 13:09:18
    Yeah..I am happy to go without matching briefs for bras this cheap haha
    -- I bought 7x 34D bras! No matching briefs :cry:
  • kazyazy2010/02/10 13:56:01
    None of the bras were in my size :(
  • sparrow2010/02/10 14:06:31
    That's a shame they didn't have your size. They had a fair assortment of sizes there I noticed but they sold out of some pretty fast.

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