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TIP: FREE discount vouchers from Thrifty for use Brisbane/Gold Coast

Posted By: ScarletRubies, posted 2007/11/17 23:10
Thrifty has a great "discount voucher" book with around 40 vouchers for use at a variety of attractions, restaurants, parks etc around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Many of you will have seen them - a lot get sold on Ebay!

I just wanted to let you know I was able to get one from Thrifty directly in Brisbane airport, even though I did not hire my car from them. The guy at Europcar had told me on the phone that they are friendly with one another (Thrifty/Europcar in the Brissy airport), and I simply asked (politely) at the Thrifty counter once I arrived in Brisbane.

There is a condition on about 20-30% of the vouchers that you "present your hire car keys (with Thrifty tag)" when using the voucher, so be aware that you may not get to use them all, but I did not have that problem at all. I saved a considerable amount at places we were planning to go to anyway - wish we could have used more but time prevented us!!!

Remember - More flies with honey. This last 2 weeks on hols, we got so many discounts and benefits simply by asking politely and by being genuinely grateful.
  • nod2007/11/18 21:37:59
    You certainly picked up some great tips from your recent holiday Ruby :D
    I think you are so right about the honey. You can get a long way by simply being polite and grateful!
    Some of these voucher books can offer great value for money. I would say that on some of them you need to read the fine print though
    Thanks Ruby
    Hot vote from me
  • kelandmal2008/02/29 14:25:25
    Just wondering if anybody has actually used this voucher book?
    We're heading to Gold Coast and have found a pretty good price for car rental with thrifty but have a family of 5 (4 adults / 1 child - according to theme parks etc.) and want to do Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild.
    Ideally we could get buy 1 get 1 free x 2, plus 1 child for all 3 theme parks or if anybody has any thoughts if this would be cheaper than the fun pass x 4 adults / 1 child would be appreciated.
  • ScarletRubies2008/02/29 17:38:02
    Hi Mal,

    I think BOGOFs are really hard to find for the big parks, but there's often "Adults at Children's Prices" ones about. If you live in far north NSW and Queensland, there's shop-a-dockets (hot dockets?) with discounts; I've been told they are pretty strict on checking ID.

    We used the vouchers we wanted to and got a good deal. There's another voucher book around too - can a local help me with the name? - it's pretty big and has lots of BOGOFs and A@C prices stuff. If you want to shop, there's a "visitor's discount" available from the information counter at Pacific Fair (Surfer's/Mermaid Beach area); I wonder if there's similar schemes at other centres?

    I ended up hiring a car from ABL this last week. Got a 90s model Magna, absolutely nothing flash, but paid $116 for 4 days. Carol was lovely; very helpful; and a car seat for my dorta was included in the genuine $29 p/day price. Lots of other places advertise $29 p/day, but it's often for minimum 7 days etc.

    Enjoy your visit! Don't forget the south of the Coast - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary @ Coolangatta is really terrific and the beaches are gorgeous. Weather still warm at the moment too, although they've had a lot of rain (mostly before I got there so I had 3/4 of my visit dry!).
  • mobmoore2008/02/29 19:12:30
    Thanks so much for the above tip, half the price of the car I had been quoted by another company for! Thanks
  • ScarletRubies2008/02/29 19:41:20
    You're very welcome - it's what BuckScoop is about!

    The car wasn't flash, but it was clean and a good basic (full-size!) car. None of the mod-cons, but for the driving I did, it was perfect. I'll use this company again with no concerns.
  • Smarmie2008/02/29 23:06:45
    Thanks also from me ScarletRubies...we are heading to Brisbane at the end of March for a family wedding. Any hints re cheap cars rental, vouchers etc is always very welcome!!
  • lilpretzel2008/03/01 00:02:13
    Does this help you out?

    RACQ Members - Half Price Theme Park Tickets, Movie World, Sea World.


  • kelandmal2008/03/01 12:51:55
    Thank you Scarlet Rubies and lilpretzel for all that info, great that RACQ are offering that sort of discount, as we are in Melbourne (don't hold that against us!) I hope that RACV offer a similar discount soon as all the motoring organisations around Australia generally offer the same schemes.

    Other than that I may need to contact long lost rellies in Qld to prepurchase tickets and send them down.

    Thanks again

    Mal & Kel
  • lilpretzel2008/03/01 14:08:41
    Your welcome, oh your from Melbourne cool.

    Do you have any recommendations for good value accommodation?

    A few of us are heading down your way at varies dates.

    I'm heading down on the 24th April with my daughter, we are looking at staying at one of the Easystay Apartments in St Kilda, do who have any feedback on them?

    Transport to St Kilda I'm stilling working on as the bus transfer doesn't run at 8pm.

    Any help would be good.


  • kelandmal2008/03/03 09:23:12
    Hi lilpretzel,
    I don't know anything about the Easystay appartments in St. Kilda may be another group you can try that has various appartments around Melbourne City and St. Kilda is [url]www.theoaksgroup.com.au[/url].
    We are about 70 min from central Melbourne and don't get in there very often (u know work and 3 kids with sports and schooling etc)
    I would have thought that the Airport Bus still ran at that time of night and late Nov 2007 had a weekend at Oaks St. Kilda Rd and used trams and trains to get around and found them to be very convenient to get from the City to St. Kilda.

    Hope some of that helps.

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