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TIP! Dell Vostro laptops 15% discount above $1000 3hr Sale!!

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/12/05 09:20
Your going to have to work a bit for this one as I have no details as to when the 3hrs will start yet.

Select Dell AU page and you will see a link to Vostro 3hr sale but as yet it doesnt go to a page that lets you remove 15%

Keep looking as I will and post back once you have found it.
  • stilted2008/12/05 10:19:25
    always amused at Dell website errors - advertise a discount/offer that doesnt actually exist yet.
  • jinx2008/12/05 12:00:35
    Tried looking here for a time as my brother has been waiting for a sale thru dell to buy a new laptop, can't find where the 15% is , bugga
  • frogduck2008/12/05 12:19:01
    It says 2pm-5pm eastern daylight time? :)
  • jinx2008/12/05 12:35:45
    Thanks for that frogduck :)
  • stilted2008/12/05 14:21:02
    Now live and working -
  • shobbs2008/12/05 14:26:18
    Hmm....I just tried and neither the 15% voucher nor the $99 22" monitor was working on a 15" Vostro (over $1000)
  • stilted2008/12/05 14:28:42
    Yup same problem- when entering the code

    Dell is back to its usually cruddy ways

    Dell has pulled the offer - more Dell dealings
  • Wally2008/12/05 21:00:39
    DELL : gets an E for Marketing excellence! hrumf!

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