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TIP - Car Rental Gold Coast saved $500.

Posted By: voteoften, posted 2009/03/24 22:16
I am going to the gold coast again next month. This time for three weeks. Most of my other trips had been for 2 weeks and car rental was around $500 for the trip. Imagine my shock when the lowest quotes I was getting were $1250+++++ I consider myself to be pretty good at sniffing out travel bargains and I exhausted all of my entertainment book options. I checked the other car rental consolidators on buckscoop and the prices were even higher. We are talking about the cheapest possible car here, not a fancy one. I went to travel.com.au on a last ditch effort. I was very pleased to get my car for $750 for the three weeks. It is a small automatic with aircon. So if you are looking for a car, you might consider getting a quote from travel.com.au. I had to prepay, which for me is not a problem.
  • eggles2009/03/24 22:29:49
    Did you get cashback with the car hire?
  • normie2009/03/24 23:21:22
    Depending on how many kms you need and what excess you are happy to have m2000
    rent cars for $19.17per day $2750 excess 100km free $22 extra if you pick up from the airport use code CDHOTLO.
    If you want unlimited kms $23.33 per day use code : CDHOTUN $22 extra if you pick up from the airport.
    You need to rent for a min of 7days for these rates. You can reduce your excess by paying $15 extra per day.
    Bookonline @ http://www.m2000car.com.au
  • voteoften2009/03/26 11:38:43
    That's a good one normie. Giving you rep. Maybe you should post it as a deal under vouchers?

    Yes my deal was unlimited kms.
  • voteoften2009/03/26 11:50:06
    Damn, could have saved another $170....
    It would have involved some sort of airport pick up and drop off which i don;t think i am too keen on, but for $170.......

    You have to go to the Hot deals section of the website or you don;t get a voucher box and you get a quote of $800.

    Please choose the kind of vehicle you wish to reserve
    Vehicle Type Rate
    Vehicle Type Rental
    Charge Miles
    Included Extra
    Economy 3 Door Manual (ECMR) (Sold Out) 560.00 Unlimited Free
    Economy 3 Door Auto (ECAR) 560.00 Unlimited Free
    Compact 5 Door Auto (ICAR) 500.00 Unlimited Free
    Economy 5 Door Manual (SCMR) (Sold Out) 580.00 Unlimited Free
    2 Wheel Drive SUV Auto (FCAR) (Sold Out) 848.60 Unlimited Free
    Full Size Station Wagon Auto (FWAR) (Sold Out) 1360.00 Unlimited Free
    Large 4 Door Auto (LCAR) (Sold Out) 1360.00 Unlimited Free
    Compact 5 Door Manual (ICMR) (Sold Out) 600.00 Unlimited Free
    Economy 5 Door Auto (SCAR) 483.20 Unlimited Free
    Full Size 4 Door Auto (FSAR) (Sold Out) 1160.00 Unlimited Free
    Intermediate 4 Door Auto (IDAR) (Sold Out) 640.00 Unlimited Free
    Intermediate 4WD SUV Auto (PCAR) 1133.20 Unlimited Free

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