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Tiger's 2nd 1-day sale for 2008 - $9.95 to ADL/CBR/HBA/NTL!!

Posted By: dennisy, posted 2008/01/06 15:27
Tiger Airways have launched their 2nd 1-day sale for 2008 - valid for purchase today only!

$9.95 one-way - Melbourne to:

$19.95 one-way - Melbourne to:

For purchase on: 07-Jan-2008
For travel: now until 13-Mar-2008
Expiry date:2008/01/08
  • gstok2008/01/07 09:14:06
    Damn these Tiger sales, I keep booking fares!!! :) Thanks dennisy.
  • msanchez2008/01/07 10:12:12
    Damn Tiger. Hurry up and get approval for Gold Coast flights so I can start getting these deals.
  • gstok2008/01/07 13:09:17
    msanchez, I don't think the sale fares are linked to approval. You'll see for the current fares that it says that it's "subject to regulatory approval".

    I think you'll find more popular destinations like the Gold Coast and Darwin pop up a lot less frequently on sales, for obvious business reasons.
  • rak2008/01/07 14:33:35
    gstok, i think msanchez was referring to approval for Tiger to create a new hub at the Gold Coast. i think Darwin was the other candidate for the 2nd hub.

    anyway, thanks dennisy, booked a short holiday to tasmania :)
  • leny2008/01/07 16:00:21
    Tiger airways has been operating from the OOL/Gold Coast airport for months now. I see their planes every time I go through there. There are only 4 flights each day though. 2 departures, 2 arrivals.
  • admin2008/01/07 17:34:12
    Perth - Broome would be nice as I need one for late feb but I think I'm dreaming.
  • holdenmg2008/01/07 18:34:48
    4 flights each day, 2 departures, 2 arrivals

    is better than...

    4 flights each day, 2 departures, 0 arrivals, 2 lost...
  • admin2008/01/07 18:50:35
    :D - I'd almost call that cynicism mark.
  • gstok2008/01/07 19:06:55
    He's getting confused with Jetstar... ;)
  • leny2008/01/07 23:01:48
    What are you trying to say holdenmg? What are you comparing it to?

    And gstok: Are you saying that I am getting it confused with Jet*? Tiger Airways Australia have their own "shack" at the airport and have 2 flights each way to/from the MEL airport. Jetstar also operate from the OOL airport to MEL, and also to SYD and possibly another destination.
  • leny2008/01/07 23:08:20
    And that is Christchurch. :)
  • rak2008/01/07 23:18:30
    For international travellers, Tiger have also started a promo for the new SIN-KLL route for

    However, after taxes it is $57, so going on an express bus will still be cheaper
    (and probably faster).
  • raman2008/01/08 00:52:31
    Waiting for a similar deal from Rockhampton. Would love to have an unplanned holiday in Melb as a start for the new year lol ;)

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