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TheHut.com - XBOX 360 & PC GAMES DAY: Up to 80% Off Selected Games 24 HRS ONLY

Posted By: owenhwh, posted 2010/03/11 20:14
Here we go again! I knew they wouldnt leave out the XBox-ers and PC Gamers!

Deals I think are deals (please correct me if I'm wrong...) & rates are based off today's XE exchange rate (aussie dollar conversion includes £2.95 postage rate):

- Tekken 6 (XBX360) = £17.93 (AU$35) --> (Game.com.au price) $99 after $20.95 online discount <--- THAT IS A DEAL!!

- Street Fighter 4 (XBX360) = £14.93 (AU$30) --> (Game.com.au price) $79.95 <--- AWESOME GAME FOR LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!

- Assasin's Creed (PC) = £22.93 (AU$42) --> (Game.com.au price) $69 after $20.95 online discount

- Alien vs Predator (XBX360) = £32.93 (AU$59) --> (Game.com.au price) $79 after $20.95 online discount

- Bayonetta (XBX360) = £17.93 (AU$35) --> (Game.com.au price) $69 after $10.95 online discount

- Left for Dead 2 (XBX360) = £23.93 (AU$44)--> $89 after $20.95 online discount <--- HALF PRICE FOR ADDICTIVE AS GAME!!

- Sims 3 Expansion Pack: World Adventures (PC) = £14.93 (AU$30) --> (Game.com.au price) $49 after $10.95 online discount

- Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (XBX360) = £17.93 (AU$35) --> (Game.com.au price) $59 after $10.95 online discount

Remember, it's 24 hours only! If you like it, you better snag it! Wont be here tomorrow! =D

Disclaimer: Will not take responsibility for price difference. Numbers are as comparison only, and is not intended to take any business away from Game.com.au. Please bear in mind that I frequent the store. =)
Expiry date:2010/03/12
  • eggles2010/03/12 00:35:06
    Nice find on Street Fighter 4! 'Eat Lead' only £4.93 :D Hot vote here for sure
  • melscott282010/03/12 00:40:21
    Are thses games suitable for australian xbox? i dont know much about this.
  • eggles2010/03/12 00:51:50
    TheHut.com Help - What is region coding?
    Here is the list of the region locks. Most of the games, dvds etc coming from the UK will be R2
  • Wally2010/03/12 02:22:03
    Didn't an Australian Court decide it was unlawful for (Sony) game consoles in Australia to lockout other International Region codes?
  • Donkey2010/03/12 04:48:11
    Yea - they ruled that it was anti-competitive
  • owenhwh2010/03/12 07:47:16
    hahaha! way to go... damn aussie market trying to rip us off!! =P
  • Jono2582010/03/12 16:10:50
    Good find just to let you all know you can get £1 off anything at The Hut (when you sign up for TheHut.com newsletter) you will be sent a unique promotional discount voucher code.

    Also Quidco offer you 3.5% cashback on game purchases every little helps. (hope its ok to say another cashback company. shouldnt be a problem as buckscoop do not offer cashback here).

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