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The Australian newspaper 40 weeks, 6 days per week $20

Posted By: mouldgirl, posted 2009/03/03 07:23
I figure all the university students already have a pile of newspapers to read. Thought I would share anyway
  • nod2009/03/03 09:06:54
    The newspapers are fighting hard for their share of the market these days that is for sure.
    Star Tribune
    or another interesting view point from the Australian

    Hot vote from me by the way
  • admin2009/03/03 09:31:35
    Ad revenues have bombed - gee cant understand why .... !! Maybe they'll have to give the paper away free rather than double charging both the consumer and the advertiser.

    I like reading good newspapers (thats the West Australian out then) and find it a form of escapism but increasingly dont have time for it and I want my news in such a way that I can readily identify a wide spread of articles of interest without the acres of other crap. I personally predict print form newspapers will be a marginal thing by 10 years from now. Content is a commodity anyone can provide.

    Very good deal btw....provided your a student or someone in the family is a student and can be roped into picking it up off campus....
  • odysseus2009/03/03 23:50:47
    Content is a commodity anyone can provide.

    Heh... But good content is something else!
  • admin2009/03/04 07:25:41
    :) - so very true. I'd like to thing my soapbox rants on the world are good content but then I've always been delusional.

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