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Telstra Phone + Net Bundles $159/month or $139/month Available 16 June 2010

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Posted By: cnitso, posted 2010/06/07 13:12
http://www.telstra.com.au/bundle_save/thub-bundles.html - Thub bundles
http://www.telstra.com.au/bundle_save/tbox-bundles.html - TBOX bundles

Please call 1800191126 if you'd like more info. These plans have not yet officially been released but you are able to begin churning from today.

Starting 16th June 2010, Telstra unveil a massive charge back into the marketplace for high end users and small businesses.


PLAN 1 -
200GB/month (download + uploads) at ADSL 2+ speeds (dependant on location from the exchange)
Some downloads not counted e.g. Bigpond content
Line rental included
Unlimited local calls
Unlimited national calls
Unlimited HOME calls + SMS to Telstra mobiles
Unlimited HOME calls + SMS to all Australian mobiles (regardless of carrier)
Your choice of a T Hub or a T box (included) if you want both there's an extra $11 per month charge

100GB/month (download + uploads) at ADSL 2+ speeds (dependant on location)
Some downloads not counted e.g. Bigpond content
Line rental included
Unlimited local calls
Unlimited national calls
Unlimited HOME calls + SMS to Telstra mobiles only
Your choice of a T Hub or a T box (included) if you want both there's an extra $11 per month charge

Now before we howl this one down. Be aware that REGIONAL USERS can not get ADSL 2+ services at reasonable costs (we don't get the massive TPG unlimited plans etc). I believe Telstra is actually making an effort to compete with other ISP's with this offer and I do applaud them for that, especially for making such high speed and high download limits available for regional users. I can only get ADSL2+ via Telstra and so this presents my small business with unbelievable value for money especially with unlimited calls to mobiles Australia wide.


Here is info on a T Hub http://www.telstra.com.au/homephone/phones/thub.html

Here is info on a T Box: http://www.telstra.com.au/latest_offers/tbox/index.html

Remember you have a choice of either the THUB - OR - THE TBOX. If you want both, there is an $11 per month cost above the plan cost.
  • doozerberry2010/06/07 16:33:03
    Sounds like a really good deal... which makes me sceptical as Telstra are not known for good deals! If this is not public knowledge, where did you get all this information from?
  • cnitso2010/06/07 17:10:27
    Firstly I was tipped off by a mate who worked for Telstra last week in charge of a local T Life store. However, even he was not given much info about it, other than it was a major re-shuffle in their pricing and that they expected to finally come into line with other ISP's in terms of download quotas. He also told me it was a big attempt to push through some great new technology and bundle it with a home phone and internet. He said that whatever the final plan structure would be, it would be geared at HIGH END users only and for regional small businesses. He told me to go to step 2 at the start of this week for more details:

    Step 2, called a bunch of different Telstra numbers this morning who could not confirm the details. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained my case (customer since I was 14 etc) and my bill costs per month. The lady seemed sympathetic and said that they were not allowed to give details yet but that the 1800 number I listed in my OP may be able to tell me more.

    STEP 3 - I rang the 1800 number thinking I'd get another dead end BUT alas no I actually got a supervisor first go who went through the details of the 2 high end plans with me and then said that the $159/ month is unbelievable value with free local national and all mobile calls from your landline included.

    She said Telstra is almost finished examining the pro's and cons of the plans and are likely to introduce them unchanged from the ones I posted above at 8:00AM Wednesday 16th June. She said they 'may' look at a slight drop in the $139 plan to $134 or a slight increase of the $159 - $164. But that they will keep me on the current test price regardless because I've signed up (unless of course it's cheaper in which case they'll charge me the cheaper price)

    I began the churn process right away, however, they won't begin sending the T Hubs/T Boxes until June 16th which is when the official plans become public.

    The lady went through my Telecoms bill + added internet costs with Internode and we found this could save the business over $100/month not to mention quadruple the amount of downloads I'm allowed (although I can't for the life of me figure out how I would ever use the 200GB even if I streamed Youtube for 12 hrs/day)

    It may not be a great plan for the average mum and dad/net user but if you're running a home office and have the chance at basically unlimited internet and unlimited phone calls (including mobiles) you'd really need a huge negative reason as to why you wouldn't give this sort of plan a second look. And unfortunately I can't find any such reason.

    The NBN is still at least 18 months away from being a reality Australia wide if not more, so I'm not fussed about the 2yr contract.
  • stevehl2010/06/07 21:45:41
    Even if Telstra are dropping their prices, this will bring more competition into the market. Still, I wouldnt believe anything they say or write. The fine print must be mighty small. I see that they are charging for BOTH downloads AND uploads.

    I'd also be skeptical if the SO CALLED unlimited calls actually means you can make an UNLIMITED number of calls, the fine print probably says no more than xx calls a month or something as vague as "a reasonable number of calls".

    Who said I was skeptical??

    And to further back up my claim of poor service, sitting in their queue for ages, getting shuffled from support person to support person, crap attitude, a complaints email address that doesn't get read or provides any response, when I had a problem with my phone/adsl line Telstra said you can't write to us as we dont know who you are. (They could have called me). When they told me to go into a Telstra office to sort it, the staff there were also useless, couldn't help and didn't know what to do. They said they didn't have access to all my records.

    Telstra stuffed up my churn, it took phone calls nearly every day for 3 weeks to get anything moving, I noted all the names of their people, the times, the dates etc and what they said. Lots of "they told you the wrong thing", "the system isnt working", and more excuses. They couldnt even call me back to give an update or even attempt to be helpful.

    After I eventually got my phone line reconnected they even said why dont you connect with Telstra? No apology no nothing - thanks Telstra.

    What's a person to do when you don't have a phone line to call (and you have to call at inflated mobile call rates), a company that doesnt publish their mailing address or fax number, doesn't respond to emails and doesn't make any attempt to help their CUSTOMER?

    I don't recommend that anyone connects to Telstra given their record of the worst customer service ever encountered.


    Cnitso - you are one of the lucky ones. Telstra have generally been good to fix line faults eg from water - and one of the reasons is they are bound under contract to fix faulty lines within a fixed timeframe. My problem was internet-connection related and there is no service agreement, hence Telstra were under no time pressures to fix it. Telstra makes notes about each call. When I asked them to read back the notes from each of my calls, their notes were very poor. Either way it was a very disappointing experience.
  • cnitso2010/06/09 10:31:19
    Well i have to say the opposite to your experience is true for me. Telstra have always been prompt to fix any issues with my lines (within 36 hrs), they gave me a free iphone (as in fully free - no charges - no contracts - no caps) for being a loyal customer since I was 18 and their wireless internet 3G speeds are unmatched by any other provider.

    Their internet speeds tend to be the best in the business (that figures because they own the equipment and never over-sell their bandwidth unlike some other big names)

    This plan is the best value for money in regional Australia for anyone not in an Area 1 DSLAM region. So if you're in regional Australia and a high end user of telecommunications products (phone/Net), as I said, you need to seriously think about this option. If you're in a metro area, you may still be better off with other providers.

    Remember the price is now
    PLAN 1 - $148/month
    PLAN 2 - $128/month
    if you don't want any of the T products.
  • enthusiast2010/06/09 14:39:06
    Thanks for the heads-up, cnitso!! Nice find, and we appreciate you posting.

    Do you know what they mean by "unlimited HOME calls..." can you only call mobiles linked to your home account? Or can you call any Telstra mobile (on the cheaper plan) or ANY Australian mobile on the other plan - all included?? That seems to be the big cost for us... calling mobiles. Would love to save on those.

    Also doozerberry - Telstra do have some good deals if you find them! I switched from a Telstra postpaid plan to prepaid mobile plan a while ago, and find the latter to be excellent value! Great coverage and mobile internet speeds, too.
  • QuirkyKiwi2010/06/09 17:51:06
    I rang and ended up churning my phone and internet back over to Telstra as currently with internode I only get 1500/256 and under this deal I will get ADSL2+ for around the same price I pay currently. It is a good deal for me (although the person I spoke with was aware of the new packages it was a long a drawn out process to sign up to get it, I still have a niggling feeling that it won't work out exactly as planned...but I will wait and see!).
    Currently I get 50Gb/month (uploads and downloads) for $49.95 at ADSL speeds (1500/256) as I have bundled my phoneline with the internet provider.
    To go up to a higher speed with the current provider it would be $79.95 for 40GB (downloads only) and it would be a maximum of 8000/384. I would have to change provider to get ADSL2+ speeds and it would cost a significant amount more
    Regarding the unlimited phone calls refers to the Telstra Homline Ultimate being included in the package.

    Hope that helps.
  • doozerberry2010/06/16 16:25:59
    So, it is the 16th June and I am wondering if anyone has heard of these plans being officially released???
  • cnitso2010/06/16 22:42:54
    G'day Doozberry,

    She's official mate - plans began today at 8AM. Just ring the 1800 number I've specified in the OP. You can also check out this forum on Whirlpool:
    HOME 100/200GB Bundles speculation - Part Two - BigPond - Whirlpool Forums

    Check out this brochure which should definitely be available from your local T Life shop

    Should be online probably on the 17th June. I'll provide a link to the OP if and when it becomes live.
  • cnitso2010/06/17 08:51:23
    Links are now provided in the original post and all the plans are LIVE
  • Vatoe2010/06/17 09:15:40
    Links are now provided in the original post and all the plans are LIVE

    Thanks heaps. From my perspective this is a fantastic deal. I can only get ADSL in my area (coastal town), with Telstra the only communications co. offering ADSL2. Their previous plans were ridicioulsy expensive, but now it seems they have truely joined the race. The addition (on the $159) plan of unlimited local, national and all moblies in the plan is also awesome!

    I gave a ring this morning, as due to it being so new, the call centres (Lismore) knowledge on it was brief. They have taken my details and will be ringing me back this afternoon when they get across it all.
  • QuirkyKiwi2010/06/17 22:11:53
    An update on signin up to this. I started the Churn process for both phone and internet across to Telstra. Today they advised me that the phone is complete and the internet churn is being held up by Internode until the 24th of June.
    I, too, have now opted for the 200Gb plan because of the free calls to all Australian mobiles (the 100Gb does not include this) and a $10 per month international call credit (my family are in NZ) and given the amazing international call rates on this it is all workin out beautifully.
    I currently pay around $90/month for the phone and calls through internode plus $49.99 (discounted with the phone) for 50Gb of data at ADSL 1 rates (1500/256). The techs checked my line today and I am all ready to go for ADSL2+ my max on that apparently will be only 10,000 down but I can cope with that! So my total spend at present (not including international calls) is $139.99. I am getting the telstra deal for $159 less the $11 for not opting for the T-Box or T-Hub. Plus telstra made an error in signing me up so are crediting me another $1 per month. So my final cost is $147/month. I spoke with Internode and they have said that they are unlikely to be able to compete with that deal in my region (region 2).
    The cancellation policy is based on a maximum of $360 but that reduces each month you stay with Telstra.
    I will wait patiently until the 24th for the final churn across. It works out nicely as my monthly cycle is close to the 24th and in the meantime I am burning the bytes to use up those 50Gbs.
  • Vatoe2010/06/20 18:07:11
    I went for the $148 dollar bundle as well. I am just waiting for my modem to be sent out to me. They indicated that I should be receiving it around Wednesday. My original ISP is TPG and Telstra told that they are participant of the rapid churn process, so it all shoUld be happening pretty quick hopefully.

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