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Target - Black wii console bundle $369

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/03/11 00:00
If you've gotta have the black this is a good price although the pack itself is wii sports, mario party and a soft touch sports kit. The dick smith pack at $388 has avatar in it.

Given that pre-orders for just the console elsewhere are running in the range of $370 up its not a bad offer from target although discounting this early makes me wonder whether there isnt a general expectation that the current entry price will be sustained.
Expiry date:2010/03/17
  • eggles2010/03/11 00:22:26
    Game have it for $369 delivered if you don't want to leave the house
    No games with the Game offer but
  • Donkey2010/03/11 00:24:59
    Wii sport seems to be being given away willie nillie anyway so its not really worth much.
  • eggles2010/03/11 00:27:32
    Ok odd. Just clicked on the ad on the page I posted above (tend to ignore these) and Game have the Wii black console with a load of games:
    * Black Wii Console + Wii Sports
    * Zelda Twilight Princess Wii
    * Wii Zapper (Includes Wii Zapper and Links Crossbow Training on Wii)
    * Big Beach Sports Wii
    * Bigs 2 Wii
    for $398 delivered. A lot of different stores have different packages on offer. You need to keep an eye on the offers and decide based on the packages. I personally think these will get better
  • eggles2010/03/11 00:28:07
    Wii sport seems to be being given away willie nillie anyway so its not really worth much.

    Agreed. Kind of standard isssue. It is Mario Party 8 so saves you $60. IF you want the game
    Mario Party 8 is on the Game trade in list and EB Games
  • Donkey2010/03/11 03:33:24
    That deal from Game isnt bad given the shelf price of zelda.

    I see EB is offering the black console + sports resort + carly for $199 with trade in of another wii console. It'd be hard to make this work out I'd have thought given that you could flog it on ebay and take the funds off the price of a $369 pack.

    I personally think these will get better

    Yea - I reckon your right. There's too much discounting going on before its even hit the shelves to sustain the entry price.
  • Donkey2010/03/12 19:56:13
    EB Games are offering a flat $200 for your old console - be another way to trade. Except its store credit not cash.


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