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Target: 60% off Thomas & Friends Take Along Roundhouse Playset - $23.99

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Posted By: nod, posted 2009/04/06 18:52
This a great price for Thomas track gear. You are saving $36 and you get the round house, and the track pictured.

My nephew loves his! I can't imagine there will be many of these. Sale starts 8th April and ends 15th

** Not available in Target country
Expiry date:2009/04/15
  • Keeys2009/04/06 18:55:51
    Fingers crossed I can get my hands on one of these to put away for later in the year. Great price and weonly have take along trains sothis is perfect :)
  • nod2009/04/06 19:14:15
    Cool Keeys. My nephew adores this. I can't believe they have it out for this price to be honest.
  • nod2009/04/06 19:15:01
    oops one thing Keeys is that they dont have them in Target country - I hope you have another option
  • lilpretzel2009/04/06 19:21:21
    This is an excellent price, I hope my Target has some.

  • Keeys2009/04/06 19:36:00
    Target Tamworth is a proper Target I'll be there on Thursday other than that we are heading to Sydney on the weekend and I could try there if no luck at Tamworth.

    Master 13 is going to state for swimming in May and our local pool closed on the weekend so we are now having to travel to Tmworth several times a week to train. Which is fine but between fuel and all the extra trips to the shops its going to cost me a fortune ;)
  • Keeys2009/04/07 21:28:52
    Thought I'd be cheeky and check if could get it on special just before close today, I know sometimes the stock is marked before close so once the signs are up you can get for that price. no luck on thisitem though BUGGER!!! The store only has on the shelf so unless more out back don't like my chance of them being there on Thursday but I'll go check ;)
  • Keeys2009/04/09 22:17:47
    WHOOOOOO!!! I go the LUCKY last one!!!!
  • lisss2009/04/10 12:32:39
    WHOOOOOO!!! I go the LUCKY last one!!!!

    Well done Keeys :)

    The little boy I used to look after had this exact set and we had lots of hours of fun playing with it!!!
  • Keeys2009/04/10 12:39:31
    Mines now hidden away for December.

    I do all my b'day and xmas shopping through the year.

    I've already done all he nieces b'day and xmas for the year (5 of them)!

    Our litle mans pile is growing nicely as well ;)

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