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SurfStitch - Sneek Peak - End of Summer Sale - Upto 60% off

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2010/02/02 12:37
Because you are a valued customer be the first to check out our end of summer SALE. All the hottest brands up to 60% off! Get in quick while stocks last. This is a Sneak Peek exclusively for you.
  • fairybelle2010/02/02 17:55:48
    I just did an order 2 dresses and 1 top for me and 1 t-shirt and long sleeve top for the boy under $190.00 delivered.
    I also used the 10% off code and it worked.

    some good buys
  • fairybelle2010/02/03 10:56:05
    and I may have done a 2nd order handbags for under $25.00 x 2 and a hoodie for the boy $30.00 and a t-shirt for $26.00
    Am I the only one that is loving this?
  • queenshrew2010/02/03 11:49:00
    Nothing really tickled my fancy, unfortunately ...

    The bargains are not huge enough bargains for me to go crazy..
    And the brands aren't that hot enough for me to throw whatever I am holding and go wild...!

    They have nice stuff, but not cheap enough...and good brands but not designer brands that make me go wild... Ozsale on the other hand................. My credit card HATES me from the workout I give it on that website!!! I just want everything there!!! Got a gorgeous Alex Perry dress for $55 from there yesterday!! *swoons* Floating on cloud 9.....

    Or if I want bargains... I want a bargain site is the go for me!!!! <3 <3 <3

    So yeah..I either splurge on designer stuff (and only if they're on special).. or wear absolute cheapies...
    So long as it's a bargain in the big picture. Go me! Shopoholic+Bargain Hunter! :p
  • golfwidow2010/02/03 13:28:52
    Voucher has been removed by request :)
  • nod2010/02/03 22:16:32
    Voucher has been removed by request :)

    Yes. Sadly Surf Stitch don't want people to share the discount codes
  • fairybelle2010/02/04 11:09:38
    What? Thats crazy... Paypal are allowed to advertise it?
  • lilpretzel2010/02/04 11:44:03
    No idea why FB, I said the same thing :confused:

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