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Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii from CD Wow - $67.95 delivered

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/07/15 16:51
There's a few shops selling Super Mario Galaxy 2 for around the $70 mark but this deal from CD Wow is a bargain given that the price is delivered. Released early this month the average price you'd expect to pay is around $89 or so.
  • Rainer2010/07/19 18:48:28
    Be really careful! I ordered my Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the 3rd of July 2010 for $61.16. I received it today (19th July 2010). It looks completely fake and its in Spanish.

    They state items will be received 7-10 days after despatch from the warehouse for Australia. It took 16 days! Not too happy about that since it was meant to be a birthday present for someone on the 6th of July (i expected the present to be late, but not that late).

    My second and BIGGEST issue is, the game looks completely fake. It looks different to the picture on the website and the blurb on the back is in Spanish or some other language. Only some parts are in English. The game does not state whether it is PAL or NTSC anywhere. The official “Nintendo Seal of quality” is also different and fake looking. The seal on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 is oval shaped and states “Official Nintendo Seal” compared to every other Wii game I have where it is a perfect circle and states “Official Nintendo seal of quality”. Another problem is the game states its “For sale, rental and use only in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America”.

    Be really careful if you buy from CDWOW. I have purchased a CD from them before and it was fine, but this time i am extremely disappointed. Does anyone know who i should contact if CDWOW do not resolve my issue the way i would like?
  • Lilly2010/07/19 22:20:56
    cdwow state that it is PAL region on the site. i think if you complained you could get your money back ok as it clearly isnt PAL and the description is misleading.

    it says this in the returns policy:

    - Goods are to be returned to us at your expense in an unused, unopened condition without the seals or wrapping being removed or broken.
    - Computer and Console Games and Accessories attract strict manufacturer guidelines and are non-returnable unless defective or unopened (refer to “Damaged or Defective Items”).

    have you opened it?
  • Rainer2010/08/03 00:38:18
    No i didnt open it. They made me return the game with their reply paid address stamp.. It only arrived there today (2 weeks after i sent it to Victoria from Sydney) and now they tell me they have 'exhausted stock'. I'm so angry as this was meant to be a gift about a month ago. Looks like a refund. Was anyone else able to buy the PAL version from them?
  • Michelle21542010/08/06 20:27:31
    I just recieved my game and its a dodgy spanish? version and wont play, unfortunately we opened it, Do you think I will be able to get my money back as it does not meet the description on the website? Im so upset and cranky what a waste of money, hubby and I got the kids off to bed early so we could have a game and now this:mad:
  • Lilly2010/08/06 20:37:42
    what a joke!

    checking back on the website now the region states as "NTSC" - games that are primarily designed for the USA, Canada and Japan.

    i wonder when they changed that, as if you read my previous reply to Rainer it was originally PAL.

    Looks like Rainer got a refund ok, it shouldn't matter that you opened it really, you should just say you saw PAL on the website and the item is not as descibed and wont play.:eek:

    hope you get a refund ok...
  • Michelle21542010/08/06 20:44:12
    If they wont ill take it further as the picture on the website has an A down in the left hand corner of the case, but he one they sent me has E, so it doesnt match the description.
  • Rainer2010/08/07 01:01:22
    Thats true.. the game did not match the description at all. If i was you, i'd ask for your money back asap (once they get the game back of course). It took 2 weeks before they received my game back (or 2weeks before they told me they received it). I hope they let you send it back. I wont be dealing with CDWOW again. I got my money back and went straight to Target to buy it for $69 and i got and extra 5% off cos i work for coles myer. So i ended up paying $65.55.

    Just to let you know, in the bottom left hand corner that has a little 'A' rating does not appear on the one i got from Target. It has a 'G' rating in the bottom left hand corner in a green square. It also has the Original Nintendo Seal of Quality in a perfect round circle, unlike the one i received from CDWOW which was an oval (this can be found on the back of the game) - which make me think the game was a FAKE!

    Goodluck. Bad word of mouth is a b*tch. Excuse my language, but how can CDWOW not realise what they were doing? I really dont understand it.
  • Rainer2010/08/07 01:42:56
    Also, when they said they put the money back into my account, it wasnt there. I then proceeded to ask them how long it would take to see the money and they said 5-7days. Funny how they can take it out of your account straight away without any troubles!

    Anyway, the money ended up appearing in my account 2-3days later. I just hope they dont take the money back out of my account after the 'not so happy' letter i sent them :D

    Goodluck, i really hope they give you that refund! Make sure you ask for a reply paid address as you do not want to spend another cent on CDWOW (because you shouldnt have to - its their mistake). After this experience, I WILL NOT BE BUYING FROM THEM AGAIN! :mad:
  • Michelle21542010/08/07 15:22:02
    They have sent me an email today saying its my fault and that i need to check the regions etc. But the fact of the matter is it doesn't meet the desciption of the advertised item for starters it has an E in the bottom corner and the one on their website has an A.
    And it clearly says if the item does not meet the description then I am able to get a refund.
    Ive got back to them saying this clearly and if they dont refund my account im contacting the ACCC.
    Im so over shopping on the net I think this has done it for me.
  • Donkey2010/08/07 16:42:12
    I'd keep pushing that line michelle2154 - sooner or later they will issue you a refund.
  • Donkey2010/08/07 16:42:51
    Might expire this deal and use the thread to warn others of the risk with Cdwow.
  • Rainer2010/08/07 20:30:24
    Oh wow! I hope you get your refund.. i'm sure you will. Your point of false advertising is enough to get a refund. Just threaten them with Fair Trading, ACCC and ombudsman? If you google it, CDWOW have had the ACCC or fair trading onto them before.. so its not a first for them. I do also think the game is fake.. it just didnt seem real at all. Nothing seemed genuine about it.. especially the "nintendo seal of quality".. it was an oval, not a circle like every other game.

    Just a question.. when did you order it and how long did it take for you to receive it?
    You may be able to use that to further your complaint too. They say 7-10 shipping days and they took 16days for me. Also, the version i bought at Target has a dvd that comes with it. I've noticed the version they gave me did not come with a dvd, when i asked them about it they said they weren't sure whether i would get a dvd with my new one they would send out to me. After that, i told them just refund my money because i want the dvd as stated on a review. The review on the CDWOW website on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 page states:

    "Easy to use if you've played the first one. But if not, then the DVD is very helpful in describing how to control Mario."

    They told me today that a dvd does not come with any of the versions they send out.. so why has this person reviewed the product and said there is? I think there is something fishy going on.. quite possibly they are making up reviews themselves?? Maybe you could 'print screen' this review to back yourself up. CDWOW even asked me to review the product.. i think i'll review it badly to see if it actually gets put up onto their website.. just to see how closely they monitor it.

    Not sure.. but i now hate CDWOW and i hope alot of people read this thread! Just use all of these points to back up your complaint to the ACCC or whoever you go to. I'd be happy for you to also use my comments to show how it has not only happened to you, but to someone else as well.

    Keep us updated. Goodluck!
  • Rainer2010/08/07 21:27:36
    What a waste of time writing a review on their website!

    "Thank you for submitting your review.
    We will process your review. Accepted reviews will be posted within 3-5 business days."

    I have this small feeling my honest review won't be accepted. Ah well.
  • Michelle21542010/08/08 08:09:06
    well guess whats in my inbox this morning after telling them i was contacting the ACCC, a returns form with a blurb saying as a goodwill gesture[whatever they mean by that] I can return it this time, but there was nothing to say that they will refund or exchange it. After what you have all said there is no way that i want it replaced, I think i will photo copy the cover and still contant the ACCC and see if they can find out if it pirated or something.
    Thanks everyone for your help, can someone please expire this offer and put in some kind of warning about this company.
    Will be back to let you know how i get on.
  • Rainer2010/08/08 15:46:14
    Thats good news. Well, if its a 'goodwill gesture' say you want a refund. Please do take pics of the cover (front and back).

    I've found a front cover online that looks exactly the same as the one i bought from target http://www.lasoo.com.au/offer/nintendo-wii-games-0/super-mario-galaxy-2/4jcq19q0u.html?source=homepage. This is obviously different to the one you received.

    I think the one you and i received looks like this http://www.target.com/Super-Mario-Galaxy-Nintendo-Wii/dp/B002BSA388. Thats the USA target version i think.

    But the one on CDWOW looks like this: http://www.cdwow.com.au/games/super-mario-galaxy-2-wii/dp/8746481?affid=15910

    Theres 3 different covers - 'A' rating, 'E' rating, 'G' rating. Plus the one on the CDWOW website is missing the little orange star character above the Super Mario Galaxy 2 title.

    I cant remember what the back cover of the game from CDWOW looked like, but if you really wanted me to i could take a picture of it and put it up here and you can compare it. Its quite different in some parts from what i can remember.

    Once you get your money back, just use lasoo to see which Australian retailer has it cheapest.. thats what i did and i got it at $69 (plus my coles myer discount) on the last day of Targets toy sale.

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