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Storage boxes set of 3 $29 at Peter's of Kensington

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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/10/18 01:45
Just spotted this in the email from Peter's of Kensington. I think this is a pretty good offer after shopping with my sis in Ikea the other day and checking out the storage boxes there.
You get 3 in the set and the sizes are pretty good. The thing will be how flimsy they are. But it appears that they are not just cardboard
"Made from printed, non-woven polypropylene."
But still not 100% sure how good that is

They only have one colour.
One not so good thing is the $25 postage to WA - it is $6 to central Sydney
  • nod2007/10/18 17:16:08

    Just seen that you can get a 6 box set for $52.95 at Shopping Square. Although I think these are the cardboard ones which collapse when you look at them :(

    Anyone know for sure?

    Good point is that they come in 4 colours - magenta, tan, pink, blue
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/18 17:49:05
    "Made from printed, non-woven polypropylene."

    That's the stuff supermarket green bags are made out of, isn't it? I wouldn't be thinking these are going to be very sturdy, and may not suit stacking. Still, I think they are pretty and would look lovely in a clean house (ie not mine).
  • nod2007/10/18 18:03:05
    I think that they are the same stuff that they had in Ikea and it was certainly a lot better than the plain cardboard ones
    But I see what you mean about the stacking - might not stand up to heavy stuff
  • Smarmie2007/10/18 18:42:34
    I LOVE these boxes. Fabulous colour!

    But I too wonder how strong they will be. Anyone heard anything about the material they are made from??

  • Smarmie2007/10/18 18:43:44
    OOPS - guess I should have read all the responses before asking my question - sorry!!

  • fairybelle2007/10/18 18:45:35
    Hmm... they look strudy enough in the pic. Maybe thats just for advertising purposes.
    They look great though
  • nelly2007/10/18 18:48:52
    They look great though

    I second that. I luv the print. Think they would look great in my daughters room
  • fairybelle2007/10/18 18:53:53
    whats the postage like here
  • nod2007/10/18 18:56:25
    I checked WA and it was $25 but $6 to central Sydney
  • fairybelle2007/10/18 19:04:00
    Central Sydney??? Does that just mean the city area?
  • nod2007/11/29 09:08:44
    Just seen these boxes are back in the Peter's Of Kensington email :)

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