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Spend $30 at Woolworths incl 2 x 24 Pepsi cans (2 for $25) get $0.10 off per litre fuel voucher

Posted By: ntowill, posted 2008/09/24 07:04
Spend $30 or more in store at Woolworths, including 2 Pepsi/Schweppes 24 x 375ml Can Varieties for $25.*

Present your registered Everyday Rewards card before you pay at the check out Receive one 10c fuel discount e-voucher at Woolworths Petrol
Expiry date:2008/09/28
  • wheadle2008/09/24 07:45:38
    10c per litre or just 10c worth of fuel? Not much fuel if it is 10c?
  • lilpretzel2008/09/24 08:05:55
    It's 10c off per litre :o

    Is this offer open to all Everyday Reward members ntowill plus when is the discount added to your card?


  • admin2008/09/24 08:15:10
    :D - I read that as 10 cents period.

    10 cents per litre is a pretty hefty fuel discount given that you only need to spend $30 to get it. Whats the cap on the number of litres you can buy in any one hit ? Must be tiny else Woolies have gone a bit bonkers.
  • mouldgirl2008/09/24 08:16:50
    The image just says 10c?
  • ntowill2008/09/24 16:58:41
    It's available to all Everyday Rewards members. I understand it to be 10c of PER LITRE off fuel, but you can't use it in conjuction with other offers (eg not on top of the usual 4c discount).

    When the voucher gets added to your card, the highest value discount gets used first (not the one closest to expiry). :whistling:
  • nod2008/09/24 17:24:24
    10c off a litre is great. Thanks ntowill. Do we know if they put a limit on the volume of fuel that you can buy? They usually seem to
  • wheadle2008/09/24 19:27:29
    10c off per litre gets you a hot vote :D
  • admin2008/09/24 21:13:14
    Anyone know whether there is a maximum value cap (ie $80) to this or is it 10c off per litre up to $30 ??
  • mouldgirl2008/09/25 02:31:06
    hot vote now that it is 10c/litre :)
  • craftykiwi2008/09/25 07:04:23
    Is it only certain states - can't see it advertised anywhere near us in Vic?
    If you're interested in the cans though the same set of 24 cans are $10 each carton of 24 at Coles this week, so you'd save $5 anyway if you can't use this offer.
  • ntowill2008/09/25 09:08:49
    They didn't mention a maximum amount you can buy so I can only assume that it's the same as their regular 4c voucher which is 150 litres of fuel. I've only got a little car so there's no way I could ever buy 150L at once! Would be nice though - would save $15 on 150L...

    Not sure if it's available in all states. I'm in NSW so I know it's available here. :p
  • ntowill2008/09/25 09:10:40
    It's also available when you spend the money in Safeway Supermarkets (not just Woolworths).
  • jockreby20032008/09/26 22:04:43
    Pepsi costs $12.99/24 cans normally. However it is very often on special from Woolies or Coles for $9.99 or even $8.99. So if you wait a bit, and buy the required 2 cases, you will save $6 straight away = saving on 60L of petrol.

    But good enough if you need the Pepsi right now.
  • admin2008/09/28 07:06:00
    smart jockreby :)

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