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Spend $100 @ Indulge Fashion & get $100 gift vouchers back!

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/09/06 02:57
I just got this offer by email. If you were thinking of stocking up on some lingerie then this might be for you. Apparently if you spend over $100, they will send gift vouchers to the value of $100 with your order. It says they send 4 x $25 vouchers.

Now I cannot see anything in the T&Cs about this offer (maybe you can?) but one thing I would worry about would be that the vouchers then have a min spend E.g. $25 off $50. This might be something to give them a call about, if you are interested in this deal.
  • jayne2007/09/06 17:58:53
  • nod2007/09/06 18:05:59
    Hot vote from me... not that it does that much these days :D

    Even if you need to spend $50 to use the $25 voucher you are still getting 50% off.

    Very nice find Jayne Thanks!!!
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/07 17:02:58

    Voucher Terms and Conditions

    * Voucher entitles you to a saving of the value stated on your voucher for any new order when you spend $80 or more.
    * If a voucher has not been applied via the checkout process Indulge Fashion cannot issue a reverse refund for the value of the voucher
    * Voucher is only valid on web orders through [url]www.indulgefashion.com.au[/url] either via offline or an online purchase using our website.
    * Indulge Fashion reserves the right to refuse redemption of vouchers that have not been issued by Indulge Fashion or its partners
    * Complimentary voucher is valid for 1 month from the date of issue and cannot be extended or be reissued if not used with in this time frame
    * Voucher has a no cash value, is not exchangeable for cash and is not transferable or assignable.
    * Complimentary voucher can only be used once with each order.
    * Only one complimentary voucher can be used per person per promotion.
    * Only one complimentary voucher can be used per order.
    * Vouchers cannot be used with any other promotion.
    * Refunds will be only be given for the actual amount paid, and will exclude the value of any vouchers used.
    * In the event of a refund, the value of the voucher will be spread between the goods proportionately.
    * Complimentary Gift vouchers can not be refunded after use with any order returned or exchanged with indulgefashion.com.au

    Promotions and Special Offer Terms
    Any advertised promotion or special offer applies only to full priced items. Complimentary vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/07 17:07:35
    Don't forget you can get a $20 voucher if you sign up for their newsletter.

    It seems to me that you can sign up, get a $20 voucher, and use it toward your first $100 order.

    However, the $100 worth of voucher have to apply to FOUR separate future orders - and probably have a time period applying to them. So that 4x future orders of $80 or more to use your $25 voucher (costing you at least $55) - and only on full-price items.

    The $25 vouchers may make good gifts, if you like to give gift vouchers as gifts - but of course the recipient then needs to spend another $55 to use it - which would probably give me the irrits if I was given one!

    Not a bad deal, just not a good one for me.
  • nod2007/09/07 17:21:16
    So you spend $320 to save $120 - saving 37.5%
    still a pretty good deal
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/07 17:46:04
    So you spend $320 to save $120 - saving 37.5%
    still a pretty good deal

    $326 minimum, and postage on top ($6.50 on orders under $100, free if more). So if you spend $100 on you first order, it's $80 out of pocket (but free shipping). To use your $100 vouchers it's either $55 + $6.50 x 4 =$246 or <$75 + free shipping x 4 =$300. Plus the original $80+.

    Not saying it's a bad deal at all, just that they are not giving away the house.
  • jayne2007/09/07 21:16:10
    Ruby - i thought those T&Cs were for the $20 signup voucher, i wasn't sure if they were for this promo.
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/07 23:05:17
    It's possible... they're just the only T&Cs I could find. They didn't sound like they only applied to the initial voucher to me, but prospective customers could always ask for clarification. To me, the latter half of the checklist seems to apply to multiple vouchers and multiple promos. But I've been wrong before! :rolleyes:
  • nod2007/09/10 08:09:24
    Not saying it's a bad deal at all, just that they are not giving away the house.

    Man you drive a hard bargain. I think 30% is ok :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/10 08:42:57
    Hey, 30% is a great discount anywhere, BUT in order to get it you are committed to spending a bunch more money that I think I would. Not that the offer is brilliant for someone else. Just one of those "buyer beware" things, like a "free" phone, or "free" credit card, y'know? Every offer has potential, but you need to weigh it up.

    There's tons of "great deals" passing by on these boards, and lots of things I like, but if I was to buy everything I liked simply on the basis of a possible future reward or a discount, I'd (a) be pretty silly and (b) quickly run out of money for the important things in life, like chocolate.
  • nod2007/09/10 17:16:00
    That is a very good point. Would be ok if you were looking to completely upgrade your lingerie wardrobe maybe
  • admin2007/09/10 17:19:00
    I'm with you Ruby. Its one of those incentive schemes that would be nice if you were already thinking of heading to indulge but not worth it on their own.

    $25 off $80 is good provided your item costs $80. Less so the more it goes up.

    I suspec those terms and conditions are for the $20 voucher but also suspect that these gimme ones will have pretty much the same restrictions on them. But - will email them to see :)

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