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Snapfish - Free Personalised Stubby Holder or Mug (Pay $3.95 / 5.95 shipping)

Posted By: lisss, posted 2009/08/10 10:36
*** NB cashback probably will not track as it is a specific link you need to use... could admin/mod please confirm my suspicion ***

T&C and how to claim: http://promo.snapfish.com.au/VHCond/valuehunter_conditions/
  • lilpretzel2009/08/10 10:37:31
    Sorry lisss, mamaK has already posted this offer over in the Freebie section ;)

    Snapfish - Free Photomug Or Photo Cooler - Just Pay Shipping.
  • lisss2009/08/10 10:43:02
    Sorry, I always get confused whether to post as a freebie or product, since you pay shipping so its not actually free... :/
  • lilpretzel2009/08/10 10:54:05
    That's cool lisss, if you only have to pay shipping than it goes under Freebies, that's how nod made the ruling ;)

    There have been a few questions about what constitutes as a freebie.
    Here are the few simple rules so that we can keep the freebies area clear and easy for everyone to use:

    1. Items must be FREE ie NO PURCHASE please.
    If you need to make a purchase to receive the freebie this is a 'gift with purchase' and should be posted in the 'Hot Deals' section
    2. Freebies that ask for cost of postage ONLY can be included in the freebies section. However, the ONLY COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE FREEBIE CAN BE POSTAGE.
    3. If you need to pay postage to get the freebie the YOU MUST PUT THIS IN YOUR TITLE PLEASE.

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