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Ab Slimmer Exerciser - Just $9.95 @ Deals Direct PLUS 4.5% cashback!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/11/14 05:47
At just $14.95, it's a bit of a bargain!
"Get toned and terrific abs with the Ab Slimmer exerciser.
Eliminate the strain on your back and neck that comes from
traditional sit ups while getting a full abdominal workout that
covers your lower abs..."
Expiry date:2008/08/02
  • Brad2007/11/14 22:48:42
  • nod2007/11/14 23:19:09
    what s the delivery like Brad?
  • lilpretzel2007/11/14 23:37:01
    Shipping: $9.95 :eek: we need free shipping :whistling:
  • jayne2007/11/14 23:42:13

    She looks so happy, in her white padded cell....
  • Brad2007/11/15 16:55:52
    lol. The pic is very badly edited, not by me though!
  • nod2007/11/16 08:23:50
    Just edited the deal as this is now reduced to $9.95

    Thanks to Geo78 :flowers:
  • nod2008/02/25 12:17:18
    and still at $9.95 :D
  • geo782008/04/28 13:33:47
    still available and now it's with free shipping until 4pm.

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