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Skype worldwide weekend of free WiFi access (use Boingo hotspots in Australia)

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/03/19 06:42
Will post this as a deal because its normally a paid for product. For this weekend 20/21st 00.00 GMT to end of day sunday you can log into a skype hotspot and download whatever data or browse whereever you want for free.

Normally its a pay per minute (or month) service similar to most of the wifi networks. Am not sure why they are doing this but .. might as well make the most of it.

Will post the link to where the hotspots are in the Go to Deal link.
Expiry date:2010/03/21
  • Donkey2010/03/19 06:45:18
    Looks like the options for connecting in Aus are fairly limited
  • Neil2010/03/19 10:41:16
    Had a look through the providers and couldn't spot any in Australia. Which ones are Australian?
  • Donkey2010/03/19 18:01:33
    Trying to figure that out neil. I know you can piggyback off boingo in airports but there's got to be one or two in the list that can be used.
  • Donkey2010/03/19 19:05:29
    That link I posted in Go to Deal must have a session variable and doesnt take you through to the list of networks - use this link instead.
  • Donkey2010/03/19 19:12:04
    Ok - you can get on through boingo - which has "2016 Boingo hotspots, including 610 in Sydney, 581 in Melbourne, 328 in Brisbane and 109 in Perth."

    If you go to Boingo Wireless | Wireless Internet. Wi-Fi Access. One Click Log On you can get the list of hotspots they run in Australia.

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