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Shiels VIP deal vouchers/sale (WA & SA)

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2010/08/25 15:28
follow the link to access special vouchers for VIP members at Shiels

As far as I know, the stores are only in WA and SA.

vouchers give you $25 off a $100 purchase and $50 off a $250 purchace

and there is a special price for hoop earrings as well
Expiry date:2010/09/05
  • dan0022014/08/27 21:49:03
    I received a msm on my mobile to say I have a $240 vip voucher to claim, does this mean I have to spend a certain amount before I can claim, jennifer
  • Captainjack2014/08/27 22:52:53
    Hmm....it may well be valid Jennifer, although if it's out of the blue then I'm always a bit cautious of these types of unsolicited marketing messages.

    $240 off sounds like a fairly high discount too, so I'd also be asking what kind of minimum spend threshold is attached to that.
  • BLURB2014/12/26 13:56:18
    I just got a message on my phone saying to hop online and pick up my vip voucher but I think its a **** scam and have now deleted the message as when I typed the addy into my puter it came up as being no such address - typical Shiels!!!
  • Donkey2014/12/26 18:18:39
    Thanks Blurb.

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