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Seagate Bare 640GB SATA Hard Drive (ST3640323AS), 7200RPM, 32MB Cache, $99.95 @ Mwave

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Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/02/13 21:29
good deal for these drives...

note that i have checked the model number on the Seagate website, and these drives are potentially those that require the firmware update from the second link in this post (Barracuda 7200.11):

i would be surprised however if Mwave were selling drives that weren't updated if necessary...

shipping $10 to Sydney metro, $13.63 to Melb or Qld metro...
  • admin2009/02/20 19:23:12
    The drive is still there but now priced at $105 for some reason. Not sure why the increase.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/20 23:52:23
    i think it's standard practice for all these online tech stores, temporarily cutting a few percent off an item or two to generate traffic to their sites...

    computer hardware is a really low margin business in Australia, given how small the market is here and the fact that there is likely to be only one importer/distributor for most items...

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